Date Night Food Review: Byron Hamburgers, York

27 May 2016

I'm happy to finally be getting around to posting another food review as I've had these photographs ready to go for so long! This year I finally decided to change my diet and go vegetarian, but so far as it's for health reasons I've gone with the rule 'vegetarian or healthy' which so far has made me feel so much better! I know going out for burgers isn't healthy but I have one cheat day a week because I'm only human god damn (a human trying to  be a better human gradually but date night offers me tasty naughty things). A couple of weeks ago Joel and I visited Byron for the first time which  is pride themselves with the slogan 'Proper Hamburgers'! 


26 May 2016

Hello lovely people! Remember my last fashion related post where I promised to go into the looks in more depth? WELL IT'S STARTED. This was my favourite look of the four that I took and I've been wearing this combination of clothing religiously. It's gotten to a point where the top is currently in the wash and I'm losing the will to live because I don't want to wear any other top with this skirt! It's weird I know. 

Fathers Day Range Bloggers Event at Lush York

24 May 2016

I am incredibly excited to share this post with you guys because of course it's my favourite brand making another appearance on heartshapedbones, LUSH! I swear this blog might as well just be a fan page to Lush, which I wouldn't consider a bad thing at all. The lovely team over at the York branch kindly invited me over for another blogging event and this time it was to launch the new Fathers Day range! I would never think to pick up gifts for my Dad at Lush so I was incredibly intrigued to see what products were being produced and I can confirm its an absolute pleasant surprise! 

My Current 5 Favourite Pieces // Fashion lookbook

19 May 2016

Hello lovely people, I have some exciting news! I FINALLY FINISHED UNIVERSITY! Yes, that's three years done meaning goodbye nineteen/twenty years of education, you'll be so missed....yeah. I'm thrilled to finally be able to move forward in the next stage of my life, so expect regular content about fashion, art, things in my life (no doubt endless photos of my rats, food and bathbombs) but I also plan to start blogging on things I've always wanted to. I have big plans for myself which could be a whole post in its self, so let me put that to bed and get on with this one! 

Now that I don't have any university work to worry about and get in the way of this platform, I thought what not better to throw myself back into the lookbook game them showcasing some of my favourite pieces of May! That could be an idea in itself, showing my favourite outfits each month, just let me know if that is something you would like to see! 
 I was recently inspired by Social Print Studio to create a lookbook of my current favourite looks. With their digital photo books, you are able to bring all your favourite looks to life. Having your photographs in physical form is a great thing to haveI thought five was a good number so I put together a number of outfits which show off my favourite pieces.

I HAVE TO BECOME AN ADULT!! | A little life update

13 May 2016



7 May 2016

I am incredible excited to write this post, one: because it was such an awesome opportunity and two: it's a subject that I love. The Body Shop York branch so kindly invited me to their "Summer Lovin' " event in which we looked at new products such as the power of light range, had facials, drank Prosecco, make overs and received hand massages! The body shop is a brand that I've loved for a long time, I've always body butters in the house and their gift sets have always been a go to when buying gifts for Christmas. I was ecstatic to attend the event because I was eager to see what new skin care they have, this time of year really brings it out in me as I want my skin to look its best for the less makeup more sunshine season!