I HAVE TO BECOME AN ADULT!! | A little life update

13 May 2016


Hello lovely readers, I'm doing that typical blogger thang where I'm going to tell you why I haven't been posting as regularly as I have done in the past! I LEAVE EDUCATION FOREVER THIS MONTH!! I attend York St John University and this week I finish my three year course and it feels crazy. I knew coming into my third year that it would get serious really fast and when receiving a first on my dissertation in January, I knew I had to step up my game to keep my practice at such a high level. I guess that's what I'm blaming for my lack of content, but sometimes when blogging isn't your full time job, life just takes priority. It's all got so intense coming up to May because my course is coming to an end, currently I have no more classes but we're still hard at work with our huge deadline next Tuesday AND an exhibition that we've all built ourselves running until the 1st of June! Stress levels are high and I just want it to be over so I can start adulting...yeah that's the only way I can describe the next stage of my life that's literally two weeks away. 

I've almost gone into a state of panic, but the kind where you just freeze and do anything apart from what you probably should be doing. I've really tried to relax and keep myself from stressing out too much when really I should be diving into my work to get it all finished, as a prime example I'm writing this post because I feel bad for creating no content. Once that bad feeling is justified I can carry on with my work...probably. 

(photograph of my business cards)

What I've been made to consider recently is what I want to do with my life now that university is over. I prevented this question when I left college and went straight to university, FINALLY real life has caught up with me. I do plan to stay in York with my boyfriend, I already have a job which I'm going full time into so big girl things will start to happen. Rent, bills, no money, I can see it all now. York is such an expensive city to live in even when halving all the bills, but everyone else manages so it can't be that hard. Whilst taking on my job full time I'm going to finally push myself as an artist to get my career rolling, the aim to at some point work for myself and also blog at the same time. That's also another point to make, I haven't been managing all my platforms of media fairly because my youtube channel has been booming! I go through phases of only having the mentality to focus on one platform when I'm busy with other things, so filming videos and editing has seemed the easier option then to spend hours writing up a post. My fashion posts have been lacking and reviews of products (which is almost sponsored work) has taken priority. Having to put these posts out has put me really on the spot, which makes me un happy looking back at my posts this year. I want to start writing posts that really show my brand (me), tattoos, art, food and more focusing on fashion. I do love the brands I review or else I wouldn't involve them on my blog, but when it's just paid content constantly?! It's annoys me and I'm the creator here. 

Finishing university means I'll also have so much more time for blogging which is my biggest goal. I won't have that nagging feeling of guilt whenever I take photographs for my blog because I have a tone of work to do! AND I'll also have time to really challenge myself with my art, my store Jgdrawings  is going to be getting a huge revamp. 

(photograph of a recent lush event)

I guess in a way I am really really excited to start focusing on what I love. I won't have anything holding me back as I feel university has done this year, even though it really has been one heck of an experience! Every time I start a new stage of my life or I have a huge accomplishment I seem to get a new tattoo, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for some more artwork on my skin! With everything on my mind of what I need to do with my business, blogging, brand, I just can't stop thinking about getting a tattoo so I can remember this time in my life. 

(photograph of my university art final project work)

Thankyou so much for reading guys and I promise to get straight back on creating better content for this blog!