26 May 2016

Hello lovely people! Remember my last fashion related post where I promised to go into the looks in more depth? WELL IT'S STARTED. This was my favourite look of the four that I took and I've been wearing this combination of clothing religiously. It's gotten to a point where the top is currently in the wash and I'm losing the will to live because I don't want to wear any other top with this skirt! It's weird I know. 

I think we can all agree that Zara is killing it lately, it's full of beautiful jackets, white little tops and Boho style dresses absolutely perfect for summer! I wasn't particularly looking for anything when I came across this white mesh crop top, it came in black also (Jess not buying the black option) but when looking around the store I opted for the white option because I could pair it with so many pieces I already have in my wardrobe. I love how it's high neck with a frill that runs around the sleeves and neckline, but the mesh feature on the front makes it completely different to tops I've seen as of late in the high street stores. I recommend wearing a small white top underneath or just go for a lacy white bra. 
On the same trip I popped into H&M and the first thing I saw was this skirt. I already have a number of button down A-line skirts but none of them are as perfect as this one!  It's light blue, swede, screams 60's which is what I'm all about.  

Now to introduce a beautiful independent craft store, I love crafty! I stumbled upon the jewellery store through instagram and scampered to order one of the 'I am a Mermaid' shell necklaces. It's rose gold too!  I seem to only wear it with white pieces of clothing, it's such a cute item that I want it to really stand out.

I will be posting up atleast two of the other pieces I took for the lookbook! I hope you enjoyed seeing an in depth look into the shoots I did.