Jewellery Review: Empty Casket

30 Jun 2016

It's been such a long time since I featured a jewellery review on my blog so I'm happy to be now sharing one of my favourite jewellery brands with you! Empty Casket sell quite witchy/90's grunge jewellery, which of course is right up my street! Most of their pieces are sterling silver, keeping on top of the trends to offer boho style pieces, moon stones, crystal pendant necklaces and so many styles of chokers you could possibly want. They also now sell home ware and a variety of crystals, very high fashion meets new age! 

Outfit of the day: Summertime Braid

28 Jun 2016

Hello lovely people! I swear the days here in Britain lately are so temperamental, one second we can have blazing sunshine and the in the same time a down pour of heavy rain! You know, that disgusting rain that soaks you completely. Luckily I managed to pick the right time to shoot my outfit of the day, the weather making for an absolutely beautiful afternoon! It rained all night after this, but photographs taken I couldn't of been phased at all. 

Rich Remy Hair Extensions

27 Jun 2016

I've been incredibly excited to share with you all my new hair extensions since I feel like it is a form of beauty content that has been really popular on my blog since my hair nightmare last year! For anyone who hasn't followed my blog that long, last year I had the most glorious pink hair (I loved it so much) but after an incident with too much bleach my hair snapped off, so I went back to black and jumped on the hair extension wagon! I created a video on how I felt about having Micro ring extensions for the first time and now it's been nearly a year of having them, it was time for another purchase of hair.

I want to introduce you to the hair brand Rich Remy

My Favourite Bits of Home Decor | Lifestyle

25 Jun 2016

Hello guys, hope you're all having a wonderful day! For years now I've been a massive bugga' for buying home decor and it all started when I first moved to university! I was excited to have my own place even if it was just student digs, but I had all the nice vintage items (including a tea cup lamp which I need back in my life) to make me feel a little more adulty and to make the place feel like my own. I love shopping for home decor and over the years I have managed to build up quite the collection, so I thought I would share with you my favourite bits that have stayed with me!

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Absolutely gothic, a little bit pin up

20 Jun 2016

So this look isn't anything fancy, it's that casual I could compare it to pj's for the level of comfort putting it together gave me. I feel like just recently with the sun blessing us with it's presence, I went into a full style self reflection crisis and just didn't feel like myself at all. I know that kind of sounds stupid, but does anyone just go through those periods of hating every piece of clothing, how your hair falls, how your face looks? Apart from the new pieces I've purchased lately I look in my wardrobe and think 'I have nothing' so when it's nice and sunny, black isn't an option and that leaves me with little options. I feel comfortable wearing black, I always have since I was about sixteen and that is my style! Luckily I found it early on and absolutely love to look gothic, a 'dark vintage' was how a random gentleman put it the other day at work. Of course I appreciate other styles, I've tried to pair things together which are a little 1970s/60s with it being huge at the moment, but I will always retreat back to my black clothing. 
I haven't felt like myself at all recently so I decided to treat myself, I dyed my hair jet black again and bought a few little black things. 


19 Jun 2016

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all having a nice easy Sunday and with it being Fathers Day I thought I would do a post dedicated to my own Dad! With living in another city it can be quite hard sometimes to see family and at the moment I haven't been handling that very well, I've sort of fallen into panic mode of finishing university and not returning home like most students do. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy to be moving in with my boyfriend and to have finally finished university, but I do miss my family. Especially the familiarity's that they bring! I work weekends in hospitality so I can never get them off, so unfortunately that means I can't spend today with my Dad so I wanted to create a post for the occasion!


17 Jun 2016

Hello lovelies! When scheduling this post it dawned on me that it was also the week of Fathers day, so just to show how much I appreciate both of my parents here is a post featuring my lovely my mum and on Sunday you will have a post featuring my Dad! How nice! With living away in York it becomes a struggle to see my family regularly, so my Mum decided to make it a every odd week thing to pop up to see me so we could spend some quality time together. We ran some errands, did a little shopping and when it came for food, we decided against a cozy little cafe because we wanted some real grub! My mum will try anything and with Turtle Bay having two for one cocktails, we couldn't of walked there quick enough.

You know when you come across pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that you completely forgot about? Well that happened today, not only did I find this Peter Pan blouse which was actually a recent purchase but I came across these lacy shorts I bought last summer! I think what puts me off an item of clothing is not being able to pair it with anything, it's literally taken me a year to think of dressing it with a blouse which I absolutely love. This combination of clothing not only makes me feel smart, but with grungy makeup and my tall suede boots I feel fashionable! 

Hello lovely people! Hope you're all having a productive Monday, I am incredibly excited to share this post with you as it features one of my favourite popcorn brands Propercorn! They so kindly sent me a huge stash of their popcorn to introduce me to their latest campaign the Institute of Flavour and with popcorn being my ultimate snack I pretty much died and went to heaven. Yes I admit my fan girling ways. 


12 Jun 2016

Beauty: A huge Nyx cosmetics haul!

11 Jun 2016

It's come to my attention that I never really feature makeup on heartshapedbones whereas I do on my Youtube channel weekly (I am so bad at balancing content) so I thought I would make more of an effort to share what products I've been loving, little hauls, etc. So Nyx cosmetics has finally come to York and everyone has been running to the boots in town to pick up a number of products. The new counter is all I have heard for weeks, so I was dying to check it out myself. 


9 Jun 2016

The weather in York has been absolutely beautiful for the past couple of days to a point where I was too hot in a small, white crop top! Of course to my luck I've been at work and the one day I have off the sun decides to disappear, but with being stubborn I decided to take some outfit photographs. It's still humid as hell but that means you can get away with not having to layer yourself up with jackets or tights at least. With it being my day off I needed to run an errand and my boyfriend kindly came to help, we passed this little patch of Ivy on the wall and I thought it was perfect! 

You know when you try to limit your favourite thing to a certain number? Yeah, I couldn't do that with Buffy (Buffy is love Buffy is life). I've watched Buffy the vampire slayer since I was a child, my parents watching it religiously along with Angel and always let me stay up to watch it too, they even taped it on video for me to take to my aunties when my mum worked all day! I loved it, and started rewatching it again three years ago when I came to university, Netflix had all the seasons! Had until they betrayed me and took my dearest tv series away from me :'( I've had this idea in the works to share my top episodes and finally managed to round them down to at least my top twelve. This is definitely a huge fan girl post so I do apologize, but I don't at the same time! I couldn't possibly of put them in order so here is my top twelve Buffy the vampire slayer episodes, from season one to seven!

Hope you're all having a lovely day guys, today I want to introduce you all to a lovely brand called Stylewe who kindly sent me this beautiful piece to style! Stylewe is an online fashion platform which features independent designers, offering its customers exclusive products!