19 Jun 2016

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all having a nice easy Sunday and with it being Fathers Day I thought I would do a post dedicated to my own Dad! With living in another city it can be quite hard sometimes to see family and at the moment I haven't been handling that very well, I've sort of fallen into panic mode of finishing university and not returning home like most students do. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy to be moving in with my boyfriend and to have finally finished university, but I do miss my family. Especially the familiarity's that they bring! I work weekends in hospitality so I can never get them off, so unfortunately that means I can't spend today with my Dad so I wanted to create a post for the occasion!

Growing up as a family we were all always into films, my dad pretty much setting my taste in films up with absolute classics! There's so many that each time I watch them I'm instantly reminded of my Dad, so I wanted to share five films that I absolutely love, which he loves to! 

1996 // 7.3 out of 10 IMDb // Robert Rodriguez

This is possibly one of my own top five favourite films and it was my Dad who first showed me it, well, lets say allowed me to watch it considering I was definitely very much under the age of ten. Not only does Tarantino star in the movie but he actually co directed along side Rodriguez, one writing up to half of the film and the other carrying it on! It does not disappoint! The film starts with two brothers in a store, having a shoot out with a ranger after they've just completed a bank heist! There's a small level of gore and it gets better, the two brothers end up taking a family hostage (cue where we meet the rest of the main cast) to all travel across the boarders to Mexico. This must definitely be where Tarantino takes over the film because the moment the cast get to a strip club, it turns into a vampire bar in which there is no escape from! We get naked dancers, blood, guns and it becomes the ultimate vampire horror film. My favourite point in the film is right at the end as the camera pans out to show that the strip club is actually on top of an ancient temple, hundreds of abandoned vehicles in a pit showing just how many victims the vampires have taken! If you want blood and guns definitely give it a watch! 

2001 // 6.1 out of 10 IMDb // Gore Verbinski

My insides ache with laughter every time I watch this film and my Dad is exactly the same! The Mexican staring Brad Pit and Julia Roberts is a hilarious Romance/Adventure film which shares the story of a guy (Pit) in trouble with his mob boss has to leave his on the rocks relationship (with Roberts) to travel across the boarder to pick up a rare gun. Of course it's not that simple, the guns are stolen, a gay hit man kidnaps Roberts and everything that could possibly go wrong for Pit like losing his passport, there being a dead body in his car, goes wrong. The romantic in me loves the little story that runs along side Pits journey, the guns becoming more special than they first appeared! There's also Julia Roberts going on a bender in Las Vegas whilst being kidnapped by the most camp, homosexual hit man which is too fabulous not to love! 

1998 // 5.7 out of 10 IMDb // Ivan Reitman

I've only ever watched Six Days, Seven Nights a couple of times but with it being one of my Dad's favourite films, when you watch it with him you HAVE to pay attention. Or else its 'did you see that bit? you didn't did you, i'll rewind it keep watching'! This film has the perfect amount of adventure, action and romance as Harrison ford and Anne Heche become deserted on an island! Oh and they can't stand each other, which adds the funny. There's eve some cheeky acting by David Schwimmer as the boyfriend figure, which to be honest is such a usual role for him. It's a really easy going film to watch if you're wanting something funny but with no major thinking needed.

2006 // 7.8 out of 10 IMDb // Paul McGuigan

I feel that my Dad set me up with a great film taste and Lucky number Slevin is the perfect film with everything in it! Theres crime, romance, action and so much Drama that in the end it will leave you in awe. It's a film with a huge twist that I won't ruin for anyone, staring such big faces such as Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley and my favourite babe Josh Hartnett. Harnett is the guy that everything bad happens to, his girlfriend cheats on him, he gets mugged, he turns up to his best friends house to have a bunch of mobsters pin him for money troubles due to the case of mistaken identity! He meets the beauty Lucy Liu whilst also trying to sort out the huge mess hes landed in with both Freeman & Kingsley. It's a good one! The big mystery will kick you right in the feels.

1984 // 6.7 out of 10 IMDb // Nick Castle

Now this is an old one, but the amount of times I've watched it with my Dad is beyond me! I like it because it reminds me of Tron in a way with it being a old Sci-Fi/adventure film with a futuristic theme! An obsessed video game finds himself being recruited by an Alien defense force to be a shape ship fighter when he becomes the top scorer on the game. It's such an easy watch if you're into classic films and don't mind the Sci-Fi genre. The effects are of course really old but I think thats what I love most about the 80s. 

I hope you like this little film collection that I've put together, they're a bunch of favourites that my Dad loves and so do I! What films remind you of your Dad?

Until next time,