3 Jun 2016

You know when you try to limit your favourite thing to a certain number? Yeah, I couldn't do that with Buffy (Buffy is love Buffy is life). I've watched Buffy the vampire slayer since I was a child, my parents watching it religiously along with Angel and always let me stay up to watch it too, they even taped it on video for me to take to my aunties when my mum worked all day! I loved it, and started rewatching it again three years ago when I came to university, Netflix had all the seasons! Had until they betrayed me and took my dearest tv series away from me :'( I've had this idea in the works to share my top episodes and finally managed to round them down to at least my top twelve. This is definitely a huge fan girl post so I do apologize, but I don't at the same time! I couldn't possibly of put them in order so here is my top twelve Buffy the vampire slayer episodes, from season one to seven!


I remember this episode scene for scene everytime I re-start watching season one! It starts with any old day at Sunnydale High and then it quickly turns, everyone's nightmares start to come alive! Even when the episode is meant to be dark and creepy there is always an element of humor, from spiders after spiders coming out from stacks of books to Cordelia dressed as a nerd, being dragged into chess club by the chess team! Another favourite scene is definitely Xander being chased by his nightmare which is the form of a clown, in a sudden state of 'to hell with this' he turns around and knocks the clown out in one punch! I think what makes it my favourite scene is how he then screams that the clown wasn't funny and ruined his birthday party as a child, aw Xander Harris how I do love you. 'Nightmares' is also the only episode that you see Buffy in vampire makeup, which is terrifying as it would be a hard end to Buffy's purpose as a character. No one wants to be a vampire in BTVS! 

Not only is this episode where we are first introduced to Ethan but it's also the first Halloween episode of the series, the gang turning into their costumes which were all bought at Ethan's costume shop! Of course a wicked plot to turn Sunnydale into darkness, we also start to piece together Giles past as he is heavily connected to the character Ethan. The scoobies turning into their costumes couldn't of come at a worse time as Spike is out to kill Buffy, who has been turned into a Princess! I love this episode because of Willow and we finally get to see an interaction with Oz too! She accepts Buffy's offer to dress her up only to throw over a ghost costume, of course becoming a ghost! I'd say Willow saves the day as she is still her true self, figuring out how to save the gang and then returning to her body she struts confidently down the street, where Oz driving by is in complete awe at how beautiful she is! I think that end scene is what makes this episode my favourite, we finally see the confidence in Willow come out. She's a babe!

I love this episode for the 1920's theme but also the brutal romance of the plot! For once it doesn't really involve vampires but focuses on a ghost that haunts the school. Featuring the song ' I only have eyes for you' this episode displays couple after couple playing out a fight which ends in one of them being shot, the gun magically disappearing afterwards. Evil is bubbling in the school so when there couldn't possibly be another couple for the ghost to possess, Buffy and evil Angel are the next doomed couple. Buffy takes on the role of the scorned male who shoots his lover (Angel), but as a surprising plot twist they change the cycle of killings as Angel cannot die. The ghosts are reunited and move on, leaving Buffy and Angel in one last passionate embrace before Angelus is back. ooooo.

I'm a huge fan of highschool Willow and I swear the evil version of her character gives me life. The wish episode is one of my favourites for the fact we're introduced to Anya for the first time with her Demon powers AND the show is completely turned upside down as we're shown an opposite world, all because Cordelia wishes that Buffy never came to Sunnydale. Buffy never came, the master was never defeated and when Buffy does return as a rough 'all she knows is slaying' slayer, the master actually snaps her neck. The show never fails to keep me on my toes and with it being in the middle of the series it was excited to see just how messed up Sunnydale could get without Buffy! (can I also just mention how sexy Willow is as an evil torture lady as she destroys Angel as a person wow  I actually cried when Oz stakes her and Xander)

I only remembered how hilarious this episode is when doing my research for this post! I love how in many episodes through out the entire series we always have the reality that is 'Buffy the vampire slayer' turned upside down, mental things happen that you will only find in this show. In this specific episode we see a return of Ethan and his magic, all the adults of Sunnydale when eating a Candy bars made by Ethan's factory turn back into their adolescence selves. With no adults to protect anyone the vampires and monsters of Sunnydale reek havoc on the town, but the gang of course save the day, whilst also babysitting a British bad boy teenager Giles and a flirtatious Joyce. Giles and Joyce end up having sex in this episode which is later revealed!  

Another Halloween episode and again the show pulls out all the stops, this time the gang have started college and it's a whole new cattle of fish with us seeing more of the town! Everything happens on campus so nothing new there, the gang enter a haunted house where Oz's band is playing to which the house then doesn't let them leave. Endless corridors, rooms swallowing you up, murders, I love how this episode is another where Vampires aren't really the focus but it's terrifying all the same. We see Willow use more of her magic and at this point in the series Anya's hilarious personality has shown more, she shows up in a bunny suit on Halloween! Before watching the college years in the series I always dismiss it as a time I don't like, but actually most of my favourite episodes happen between season four and five!

This episode is terrifying. As in it actually plagued my nightmares when I was a child, but because I still have twitches over these monsters I will say it's definitely one of my favourite episodes! It's so interesting, these fairytale like creatures come to Sunnydale, steal the voices from each person (that's their weakness) and then start to cut open victims hearts. I can't express how creepy this episode is, but again the episode delivers humor with the scoobies trying to figure out a plan with writing on white boards, the clumsy flirting between Buffy and Riley!!! Buffy finally finds out that Riley is one of the guys in the army gear whilst he finds out she's not just another student.

I feel like they just had to do this episode, with Vampires they HAD to involve Dracula somehow. When watching this episode it always feels like a one off, a mysterious vampire comes to town and takes home in an old castle like mansion which we've never seen before in Sunnydale (Xander makes a joke about this) coming for the slayer, glamouring Buffy to let him bite her. They keep quite close to the original story of Dracula but always with that modern day Buffy humor, she slays Dracula and saves the day from the big bad! This is also where we're introduced to Dawn as the episode ends with it almost coming back to Buffy the vampire slayer reality plot line, Buffy shouts to her Mom that Dawn her little sister is being annoying as if she had always been a character on the show we knew!!!! Starting the plot line that is Dawn. 

This is such a sad episode and get's me in the feels each time, so much that I had to include it in one my favourites. I'm not fond of Dawn as a character but when we find out that she was put with Buffy because the slayer was the only one who could protect her, I feel so sentimental that I want to cuddle and love my own sister. Glory (a big bad I don't like either) kidnaps Dawn to drain her of her magical blood and open a portal that will end the world, the only way that the portal can close is if Dawn jumps into it. We find out that Buffy shares Dawns blood so she can close it and save the world, looking into the distance she seems a stream of light off to the heavens and jumps from the edge without hesitation. Buffy dies and I feel my heart break with ever fiber. Christopher Beck's famous soundtrack from the first couple of seasons comes back with the composition 'Sacrifice' which I think is the most beautiful piece of music ever. Spike breaking down over her body also kills me inside. It's just a sad episode don't watch it if you're a soft bugga like myself.  

Every true hard Buffy fan will know this episode word for word, have each song memorized and probably have all the songs on their Itunes library. The whole town wakes up to be under a magic influence by a demon that makes everyone sing and dance! Every conversation turns into a song, even the neighbor going outside to grab the mail. I remember watching this episode for the first time and assuming it was just a random, fun throw in by the directors but we actually learn so much about the characters. Everyone has to sing the truth, so we find out about Giles leaving Sunnydale, Buffy revealing that the gang had actually pulled her from Heaven and not a hell world, along with Spikes love for Buffy (obvs) and Xander/Anya's fear of getting married. Everyone loves a musical! 

I always love this episode for how hilarious it is, but at the same time it's at a really sad point in the show where Willow is becoming unstable and Tara is going to leave her. Yeah that's a giant spoiler. Giles is leaving, the Gang know that Buffy was in Heaven and Tara is unhappy, to make them forget their troubles Willow casts a smell but it all goes wrong, leaving each member of the Gang at the magic box without their memory! It shows the characters not as they are which is so interesting! Spike somehow thinking that he's Giles son because they are both English gets me every time! Anya thinks she must be married to Giles as they both work at the store and Willow pairs with Xander (a huge tease) but knows it isn't right every time she looks at Tara. Just to add to the situation Spike is on the run from a loan shark Demon who crashes the magic box, the gang of course not knowing what the hell is going on just try to fend them off, Joan (Buffy) and Randy (Spike) realizing they have fighting skills! When the spell is broken Tara leaves Willow and my heart breaks, such a good episode but prepare for a sad ending!

FINALLY I had to include the entire series finale! I'm not a fan of the last season at all, purely because I think the bad guy Caleb sucks and the potentials are all whiny and push Buffy completely out. I do love the relationship between Buffy and Spike, Andrew is the true funny king, but that might literally be it. This last episode really turns it all around for me! It's the last fight, they actually go into the hell mouth and just when we think everyone is going to die, Willow forms her biggest spell and makes every potential around the world an actual slayer! They change destiny! They fight to the end and Sunnydale collapses completely. We lose both Spike and Anya but the gang make it out, the last scene being the gang getting off a school bus they've taken to the edge of town, looking into the giant pit that Sunnydale has fallen into. It's ended. I honestly couldn't see it ending any other way, the Hell mouth was always the problem and wasn't going to go out so easily. 

There we have it! Whilst writing this post I found so many more episodes that I loved but these were definitely my top twelve best episodes of Buffy for me! Are you a huge fan of Buffy? What are your favourite episodes?! I apologize for how lengthy this post is but I really wanted to publish it for so long now! Enjoy xoxo