9 Jun 2016

The weather in York has been absolutely beautiful for the past couple of days to a point where I was too hot in a small, white crop top! Of course to my luck I've been at work and the one day I have off the sun decides to disappear, but with being stubborn I decided to take some outfit photographs. It's still humid as hell but that means you can get away with not having to layer yourself up with jackets or tights at least. With it being my day off I needed to run an errand and my boyfriend kindly came to help, we passed this little patch of Ivy on the wall and I thought it was perfect! 

I have to say trying to take photographs even an itch into the city is really difficult, especially when you live in one of the nicest cities in the UK. York is big for its tourism, with the shambles, the beautiful gardens and the walls to have an adventure on there is always people around! This is the first time taking photographs that we got stopped a lot, had to wait for people to walk by, had conversations with people and even cars got in our way. A lovely old couple said I looked so nice as we took the pictures which honestly made my day, I always expect strange looks but people generally seem interested in what you're doing! Another couple who owned the house this Ivy was attached to even came out, commenting on how it was a nice little patch of Ivy and that it would be famous! I know of course they were joking but it made me wonder what the hell they thought we were taking photographs for. 

Now for my outfit, I tend to always wear the same black items so I told myself this morning I would dress up something a little different! I always dress this skirt up with a nice belt and boots, so I challenged myself to take it in a different direction. I bought both the top and skirt from boohoo, the stripy detail of the top giving that extra bit of detail which I think the outfit needs. I love how it's transparent on the arms but has an under layer on the body. I'm pretty sure my hats from boohoo too. 

I think alot of the time shoes can play a big part in whether a look is done up, so because we were having a casual stroll I threw on my little black pumps. They're covered in white paint, probably broken some where but it's all about the comforts. 

Skirt: Boohoo
Striped Top: Boohoo
Necklace: Bloodmoon Jewellery
Hat: Boohoo
Shoes: Primark