2 Jun 2016

Hope you're all having a lovely day guys, today I want to introduce you all to a lovely brand called Stylewe who kindly sent me this beautiful piece to style! Stylewe is an online fashion platform which features independent designers, offering its customers exclusive products!  

When receiving the email I was a little on the fence because I assumed it was another cheap quality Chinese company, with product photographs that we see all over facebook and ebay, which thank god I was wrong about. Upon checking out their website I was pleasantly surprised to see that this wasn't the case, the website offered unique pieces I haven't seen anywhere else at prices similar to the high street here in the UK.   

It's finally summer (even though it's definitely not sunny enough to be summer) so I'm on the hunt for pieces which will brighten me up! I always reach for black pieces which is unintentional but my comfort blanket, so I was over the moon when Stylewe sent me this beautiful white Shangman Crew Neck Mini Dress*. I think not only is the striped detail perfect but the dress is such good quality, Stylewe reviving my faith in over seas fashion companies when ordering from Britain. On opening the package I was worried that the sizing would be too big but it fits so perfect to my waist, a size small being around a UK ladies 8. I'm going through a phase at the moment in which I don't like my arms out so I was happy with the short sleeves, it gives the dress a nice feature as the material is transparent so you can see the skin through it. It also has an under layer to protect our lady parts, I definitely have black underwear on underneath and you can't see a thing! 

With the brand being over seas it was another pleasant surprise to have the package be delivered so quickly! It took less than five days to arrive to my house, there being information on returning inside the package if you were to not love your order. 

I decided to style this dress with a classic approach, subtle makeup, red lipsticks and some black boots. As for accessories I paired it with my new small bag from River Island, the gold feature opening up any god jewellery if I was to wear any. For the chiller weather I would add a leather jacket too. 

Thankyou so much Stylewe for sending me this beautiful product! Have you ever bought anything from Stylewe? leave me some comments if you have or if you see anything you love on their website! 

*Disclaimer this dress was sent to me free to review. All opinions expressed in this post are my genuine opinion