Outfit of the day: Summertime Braid

28 Jun 2016

Hello lovely people! I swear the days here in Britain lately are so temperamental, one second we can have blazing sunshine and the in the same time a down pour of heavy rain! You know, that disgusting rain that soaks you completely. Luckily I managed to pick the right time to shoot my outfit of the day, the weather making for an absolutely beautiful afternoon! It rained all night after this, but photographs taken I couldn't of been phased at all. 

I've been finding it incredibly hard to dress for summer because stating the obvious, it's really warm and admittedly I am terrible with heat! I feel as if I had such a huge selection of clothing to choose from last summer and somehow I can't seem to find anything in my wardrobe anymore. It also doesn't help that I'm going through a phase of feeling a bit poop and for some reason all my go to comforts just aren't...comforting me anymore. For this look I almost wanted to combine something old with something new, a worn to death black item that I know makes me feel good and a new item I bought for summer! 

I have a huge soft spots for vintage style long skirts, the ones that are so tight on your waist and flow out to give you shape. Almost like a subtle poodle skirt, so when I saw this lacy item in H&M I couldn't rush to check if they had my size fast enough. It's a combination of both my favourite things stripes and lace, the bottom section having the stripes run the other way which I think adds a little interest. There is an under skirt because the outer layer is really see through, but the material is of good quality so you can't see a thing! Normally with long skirts I find them to be a bit heavy, but this skirt is so light, it's perfect for summer. It has a vintage essence about it so I decided to dress it with a black off the shoulder top, just so you can really see the shape of the waist. 

When the weather is beautiful it makes me experiment more with my style, this romantic take on vintage making me feel so graceful walking around the streets of York. I matched my makeup to the outfit I put together, using a classic red lip and managed to put my hair up into a cute braid!

White Lace Skirt | H&M Crop Top | BooHoo | Clutch Bag | Riverisland Shoes | Boohoo Lipstick | Nyx Cosmetics

What is  your favourite items to wear in summer? Leave me some comments below I love talking about on trend fashion

Untill next time guys,