Saying Goodbye To Being A Student // Lifestyle

31 Jul 2016

Greetings and salutations! 10 points to anyone who can guess the reference! But anyway, good evening everyone! I tend to schedule all my posts a week in advance, so as I’m writing this I’m incredible aware it may not get published for a week or two, but I couldn’t resist sitting down and typing out my thoughts because they’re consuming me. I just left a house I have been living in for two years, well, I lived in my student house for a full year then I slowly started to move in with my boyfriend, till a couple of months ago where I was literally just paying rent on a house I never went to. With my three years at university coming to an end that means living as a student is also being terminated, all the students around the UK packing up their belongings and moving either back home or into another place to keep the independent dream alive!

My Current Favourite Beauty Products!

29 Jul 2016

Hello lovely people! I've found myself in a really comfortable place with my makeup and I can only give complete thanks to the products I have in my makeup bag! I think I've really nailed it with products that suit my skin/face this year and here are just a few of my absolute favourite pieces I can't go without. 

Outfit Of The Day: Tiger Lily

27 Jul 2016

Two outfit of the day posts in one week? You lucky sods! Hello again, I certainly did mention in my last post that I visited home over the weekend and along with seeing family I also managed to get a lot of blogging done, especially with outfit shoots! My parents live in a house (where I grew up) which is away in the country side, we live in a small village and on the outskirts down a lane, surrounded by fields and the woods is my house. Living away from this house has almost made me appreciate it more, I look outside the windows at the river and stretch of forest and think it is beautiful. There is nothing better than sitting on our balcony whilst the sun is setting, the trees rustling and the sun just feeling warm on your skin. I love it at night time, I love it in the day, so taking full advantage of the beautiful surroundings my sister helped me take some photographs of what I decided to wear that day.

Outfit Of The Day: Into The Woods! FEAT ZARA & ROSEGAL

25 Jul 2016

My Favourite Sunday Chill Films

24 Jul 2016

Hope every ones having a lovely Sunday! I don't know about you guys but I swear when the weather is humid all I want to do is nap, so of course to get myself all cozy I love to settle down with a really easy to watch film! Chill films, and what I mean by this is those types of films that don't require a lot of thinking, you can smile, chuckle or cry whilst being snuggled up in your blanket! I love those types of Sundays, I work 6am-3pm both Saturday and Sunday each week so the moment I get home I don't want to do anything but cuddle up on the sofa. I purposely revolve my schedule round this day (I am not joking) I do the cleaning on a Friday so on Saturday  I can get all of my blog posts scheduled for the following week, and on the Sunday I can be lazy without worrying about my work load! Ah, adult life. As I plan to do nothing but watch films this Sunday I thought I would share with you some of my current favourite easy watchers to chill out to!  

Tattoo Artists That I Absolutely Adore!

22 Jul 2016

I am incredibly excited to be writing this post as it focuses on something I am incredibly passionate about and that's tattoos! It's more so the artwork for me, and as an artist myself I an appreciate the skill and major effort it takes to turn those creations on paper into beautiful markings on the skin! That's it in a nut shell and ever since I was younger I always wanted to be covered in them! I always knew I wanted tattoos, both my parents are covered in them, my family have numerous ones and everyone I know these days are either covered head to toe or have the cheeky few. With the people I have in my life they are literally the norm and I never feel scrutinized or judged by having them, yes my parents would rather me not get too carried away and get them on my face, but if I did they wouldn't hate one single bit. I'm lucky to have support people especially when it comes to tattoos, I have come across my fair share of 'but what will you look like when you're older' people but thank god that is rarely. 

Outfit of the day: Big leaves and Daisies

20 Jul 2016

Hello lovelies, currently I am on my last shift of five so I will definitely be curled somewhere in a corner, wishing it to end so I can jump straight into bed and sleep for the remainder of the week. The beauty of post scheduling. Today I want to share with you a brand called RoseGal, who offer vintage apparel infused with a modern style. Best of both worlds! Vintage clothing is a timeless fashion which both RoseGal and I agree upon, so when they kindly got in touch I was more than ecstatic to experiment with some 'modern vintage' pieces.

What I Casually Bought from Primark!

18 Jul 2016

A couple of Months ago Primark finally came to York, but teasing at my heart strings it's at a shopping outlet which is a good bus journey away! Typical. Whenever I have a good sum of money to treat myself with I never consider to head to Primark, I always tend to only visit if I'm wanting necessities or logical purchases, like socks. I'd like to say I went wild and bought so many pretty, cool, outrageous things

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, today I thought I would throw in my two cents about one of my biggest passions: fashion blogging. I absolutely love this blogging world I have gotten myself into and it has gone past a hobby for me, I want nothing more than for this baby Heart Shaped Bones I have created to be my job! I blog about many things that interest me, my life, products, art and especially fashion as it's pretty much my life. I've always loved styles of clothing, the cut, style through out the ages and have come to really love my own personal style. This blog was created in January of 2015 but I have been taking photographs of my outfits since at least 2013, on my first blog which really kept to itself! I had no idea how to blog, network or promote, but it really allowed me to develop myself and gain the skill set for blogging that I have now! I make it sound like a career but blogging is so much fun to me, it does consume my life but in the best possible way. Having over four years experience of taking photographs for fashion lookbooks I thought I would throw in my own two cents and share my top tips on how to take fashion photographs of yourself!


15 Jul 2016

Despite that this product purchase could create some sort of controversy in my comment section, I am utterly thrilled to have FINALLY placed my order for some Lime Crime makeup. I want to say straight off the bat that I have done my research into Lime Crime and what has been going on for years, all the unfortunate happenings and horror stories of their customer service! In all honesty this is what has stopped me from purchasing for a good two years, I was scared to even dare give them my details and I didn't want people to slander any of my photographs of me wearing the products, like I have seen so many times on other peoples social medias! I can't believe I actually didn't try out a brand just because I was worried of what people thought of me, but sitting myself down and watching countless bloggers, youtubers and even friends review their Lime Crime products, I thought maybe it was finally time for me to try them out.

Outfit of the day: My Spanish Sahara / FEAT SammyDress

13 Jul 2016

Hello lovely people!  This look seem familiar? I posted a little haul post of looks this week as I introduced a new brand to my blog, Sammydress. As I mentioned I loved each piece I was sent but one really stuck to me and the photographs came out awesome, so I thought I would show you all the Spanish styled, off the shoulder piece in more depth. 

How I store my Lush products | Skincare, Beauty

11 Jul 2016

It’s nothing new me featuring Lush on heartshapedbones, but what can I say, I absolutely love this brand! From their bath bombs, hair products, skin products, perfumes, even cosmetics I will preach Lush’s praises till the cows come home! What makes me a dedicated Lushy is the fact their products actually work. I notice a difference in my skin when I use their masks, my legs feel so much better when I use their creams to shave and bath bombs are just the best idea to make your baths extra fun. I use their products daily so I always have a number of them dotted around my bathroom, which lead me to think WHY NOT show you guys my little collection that I have going on.

Outfit of the day: Sammy Dress

10 Jul 2016

Back again with another outfit of the day, but this time it’s a little different as I have a couple of pieces to show you! Almost like a little haul woo. The lovely team over at Sammydress got in touch asking if I would like to style some of their pieces to share with you lovely lot, and I just couldn’t say no! Sammydress are a brand which offer on trend fashion and currently perfect summer style items globally, whilst not only being affordable but cater to all ages with their pieces! 

Happy Friday everyone! I'm incredibly excited to be sharing again the word of Propercorn, as their #instituteofflavour  campaign is well on it's way as the brand give the public the opportunity to create new flavours of popcorn!

My Current Favourite Things | July 2016

6 Jul 2016

Hello lovely people! Over on my Youtube channel I upload a video every month running through my favourite things of that month whether it be a product or something I’ve done, so I thought why not feature something similar here on Heartshapedbones! Instead of a monthly favourites post I thought I would just call it my favourite current things, were getting on with July now so it would seem silly to label it ‘my June favourites’ when I could of posted it last month (I’m totally rambling now so let’s get on with it!)

Beauty Review: Nyx Liquid Suede Lipstick

4 Jul 2016

Hello guys! SO I don't think I have actually reviewed a singular product by itself on my blog, which I find incredibly strange as isn't that how blogging even got started? You wanted to know about a product and someone out there on the internet had written a review. I normally write posts on brands I love or brands who have sent my samples, reviewing not only what they sent me but my experience with them as a whole and there's normally like two or three items with I'm quite excited to sit down and create this post which is going to be reviewing one of Nyx's Liquid Suede lipsticks!

My July 2016 Goals!

1 Jul 2016

Ok, so this post is completely inspired by Gemma, the amazing creator over at Dork Face which you all need to definitely pay a visit to. She asked her following on twitter 'What is everyone's July goals?' which got me thinking, what are my July goals? I always round up each Month with a monthly favourite video on my youtube channel or post showing my favourite things, but for once I thought it would be a good idea to make a post showing what I want in the future, rather than what I've thought of the past. I mean I do love showing my monthly favourites, but I think this idea could be promising to set myself some goals! 

I'm going to set myself 6 because I love to make lists and even numbers. I don't think thats too high of a number and it stops me from over working myself, so here are my goals for July: