Beauty Review: Nyx Liquid Suede Lipstick

Monday, 4 July 2016

Hello guys! SO I don't think I have actually reviewed a singular product by itself on my blog, which I find incredibly strange as isn't that how blogging even got started? You wanted to know about a product and someone out there on the internet had written a review. I normally write posts on brands I love or brands who have sent my samples, reviewing not only what they sent me but my experience with them as a whole and there's normally like two or three items with I'm quite excited to sit down and create this post which is going to be reviewing one of Nyx's Liquid Suede lipsticks!

I think its common knowledge that I have every red lipstick product under the sun! From Macs Ruby Woo to cheaper brands I probably could form a colour chart of lipsticks with the amount of different tones of red I have. I just love how classic a red lipstick can make you look, with a nice dress and curly dark hair I feel incredibly vintage when I pop it onto my lips. With Nyx coming to Britain and everyone going mad for the stuff, I thought I would buy a variety of products to really try out the range and I went straight for the liquid suede cream lipsticks. I've only ever tried out lighter or darker shades of liquid lipsticks and not actually a red, so I thought instead of buying another nude I would try the shade Kitten Heel.

I know it is literally in the name, but the product is incredibly creamy when applying on the lips. I first swatched the colour before using it and I swear I'd never applied lipsticks so easy, the coverage was intense and that was just on my forearm. I hope you understand what I mean when I say it's a bright shade of red, there is a small touch of orange to it but it's definitely still red (cookies for you if you totally get the level of crap I'm chatting). Applying to the lips I think the applicator is perfect! It's thin so that you can easily get into the corners of your mouth and flat so you can cover your entire bottom lip in one motion. You literally only need one coat because the coverage is 10/10. I tend to draw a little over up upper lip just to make them look fuller and a great pro to this lipstick is when setting, the edges don't blur! I've sometimes found with liquid lipsticks that without lining them first they can bleed into your skin, blurring around the edge but I haven't used a liner and the line is so sharp. I did the true test and ate a meal, the lipstick didn't once budge! I will say it faded a little inside of the lip, but using a lip coat or topping up a little fixes everything. Another little feature I really like is the lipstick when dried doesn't look matte, which I thought was a little different! 

I hope you liked this little beauty product review guys, I think this lipstick definitely gets 10/10 for effort. Have you tried Nyx yet? What is your favourite product? 

Thankyou for reading!
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  1. That shade looks gorgeous on you! I'm not a massive fan of the matte lips or suede lips they do I couldn't get along with the texture at all, but my two favs NYX products have to be the HD concelear and the eyeshadows they're so good

    1. Thankyou lovely! I get exactly what you mean, I've always loved mattes but the suede was new to me and I really think it looks different on everyone! ooo the HD concealer tho it's an absolute winner!

  2. This looks amazing on you! Nyx lip products are so good, but I'm yet to try this one...definitely going to go and buy a few shades since they just came to my local boots store! It's so great to know that it doesn't budge when you've eaten because that's always my main concern when buying more affordable lipsticks.

    |Georgia Megan|

    1. Thankyou honey! they really are, I'm so tempted to go buy some more now that I've tried this one out! The liners are to die for tooooo. I agree fully, especially with a red you don't want to have to keep topping up


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