How I store my Lush products | Skincare, Beauty

11 Jul 2016

It’s nothing new me featuring Lush on heartshapedbones, but what can I say, I absolutely love this brand! From their bath bombs, hair products, skin products, perfumes, even cosmetics I will preach Lush’s praises till the cows come home! What makes me a dedicated Lushy is the fact their products actually work. I notice a difference in my skin when I use their masks, my legs feel so much better when I use their creams to shave and bath bombs are just the best idea to make your baths extra fun. I use their products daily so I always have a number of them dotted around my bathroom, which lead me to think WHY NOT show you guys my little collection that I have going on.

I keep my products stored in a number of places around my bathroom, the actual bath area seeming quite unpractical as sometimes when we shower we get all the soaps drenched…but I love having them right there! Up top near the taps and where the shower head is we keep our shower creams/jellies, this is because obviously when we’re taking a shower it’s so easy to just grab our favourites! Both my boyfriend and I love Prince charming but I’ll always have a soft spot for the ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower cream, it has such a sharp kick to it. I treat my jellies like I treat my children, I could never decide between the two as I love Bouncy Bunny and Nightwing equally! The jellies makes my skin feel so refreshed but I don’t think their scents linger as strongly.

Next to the bath I keep two little dishes for odd bits that I use like soaps and bath bars which I have used and needed to dry! At first I was really scared this would dry out the products but as children we always kept our soaps in open dishes, so luckily the soaps still retain their scent! My current favourite soap is the ‘DAD’ building block which was part of the Father’s day range, it smells incredible like chocolate orange biscuits! 

All the lush magic really happens over in my wooden chest, which is where I decided to pretty much keep everything! I store bath bombs and bars here to keep them dry, oils and packaged soaps to retain their condition! I keep all of my skin care in this box also because the OCD in me likes them to be neat and organised, and when I say organised I mean kept together so I know no one is ruining my precious face products. I have both the smugglers soul scrub and cream, along with masks and other skin care for bath time! Everything really is a mixture in there, but that could possibly be another post in its self! 

What are your favourite bits from Lush? Let me know what you always reach for, I'll no doubt try it out if I haven't already!

Until next time guys,