My Current Favourite Beauty Products!

29 Jul 2016

Hello lovely people! I've found myself in a really comfortable place with my makeup and I can only give complete thanks to the products I have in my makeup bag! I think I've really nailed it with products that suit my skin/face this year and here are just a few of my absolute favourite pieces I can't go without. 

Fresh Nude Foundation, Shade Bora Bora Tiara 012 by The Body shop - After finding this foundation I don't think I will ever go back, not only does it feel so light on my skin but the coverage is perfect! Bora Bora Tiara is the best match for my skin tone that I've ever found with a foundation, whilst giving you a glow that fits with the summer time. Containing a hint of Rose water, it leaves your face so refreshed and having that clean fragrance. I can't remember the exact price but I do think it was quite on the pricey side, but seriously worth the money as I pretty much use this every day since the Spring and there is so much left in the bottle. You need the tiniest amount to cover your face and I'm happy with that coverage it gives, of course need more coverage? add another dab of the smallest amount of product ever.  

Nyx Powder Contouring Palette - £18 and worth every penny!!! I use this palette for everything whether it's to highlight, bronze, use as a powder foundation or to blend out the inner parts of my eyebrows! I didn't know whether I would get on with cream contouring or powder and I think this palette was a dream to introduce me to one of them. If you're some what a newbie to contouring then I would definitely give this product a try.

Lime Crime Grunge 'Venus' Eye Shadow Palette - My one and only true love, I recently bought this palette after wanting it for so long and it does not disappoint! They have a shade for every occasion and I can use it to dress my face up or in with my every day makeup routine, if you like variation with warm tones you'll love it. I always return to creating a grunge look with my eyes so I thought this palette would be perfect and the orange tone is to die for!    

Nyx Propel My Eyes Mascara - I've never been picky with my mascara and this is probably why I've always found the ones I own to be...well, crap. I think all of my mascaras have been either bought for me or I've received them in a makeup subscription box! With trying out a bunch of new products from Nyx I thought I would also FINALLY buy myself a mascara, and not only is it not drying out already but the applicator is small enough to really get the product on every lash! 

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Abu Dhabi - I can't preach enough about this product, not only is the consistency of the product perfect but the brown toned shade suits my skin. I'm incredibly pale on my face but I often try to create a glow with bronzer, despite what my skin looks like this lip colour just seems to go really well with the look I create with my makeup. As a matte lip product I think it drys super quick and doesn't transfer!

Too Faced Bronzer in shade Chocolate - As I already mentioned a contouring product I wanted to maybe mention a lip product, but I can never turn my back on this product because it has to be one of the best deep brown shades I have ever come across. Not only does it smell like actual chocolate but its a subtle build that gives you such a natural contour, with no worry of getting a harsh line. I only have a sample size as I did get this with a beauty subscription box, but once it runs out (which will be never this baby is lasting me) I will definitely be purchasing a full sized product. 

With the amount of beauty products I manage to accumulate I'm quite proud of myself to pick out six of them to share with you guys! I've purchased all of these shown in 2016 so they are all available to purchase in store, the Nyx products being a huge trend in the UK at the moment. What are your favourite products? If they're anything like these products I have mentioned let me know and I'll more than likely try them out! I'm a sucker for makeup.

I hope you liked this post guys, quite short but sweet!
Until next time,