My Current Favourite Things | July 2016

6 Jul 2016

Hello lovely people! Over on my Youtube channel I upload a video every month running through my favourite things of that month whether it be a product or something I’ve done, so I thought why not feature something similar here on Heartshapedbones! Instead of a monthly favourites post I thought I would just call it my favourite current things, were getting on with July now so it would seem silly to label it ‘my June favourites’ when I could of posted it last month (I’m totally rambling now so let’s get on with it!)

Looking over my items as I got them out to create my flat lay, I realised I have spent some serious month in the past couple of months! So many new things/products have been released or have been introduced to me, so I got a little excited with my spending. I guess in a good way that means more to show you? Yeah? I can absolutely justify my spending’s if it means I get to create more content for you guys! Recently I’ve wanted to dress comfortable but in my own style, so buying a new pair of creepers really made me feel so much better. Do you ever get like that, where you’re not feeling yourself in anything until you buy something you used to have? I loved creepers and I don’t remember why I stopped, they suit the goth/vintage style I aim for with my clothing and I can dress them casually or for a night out!

Sharing my clothing bits first, I’ve really been loving the Instagram trend of cool online brands selling clothing/jewellery/homeware and I think I found the PERFECT alternative brand called Mysticluna. They have such a huge following on Instagram and really connect with their audience, as of late they’ve even been looking for new promoting models and held a competition on Insta. One of their models is actually a really good friend of mine, which put faith in the brand for me as I know she wouldn’t work with anything who sold iffy merchandise! I went onto their store with the goal of getting some new jewellery, but ended up seeing this too cute stripped crop top, with an alien badge feature on the right breast! I feel like such an alien Goth princess it’s fabulous. My second favourite clothing purchase doesn’t really need any introduction as it’s gone global, Zara you are killing it with these leather jackets! At only £39.99 I opted for the blue as I haven’t really seen anyone else in it and it suited me so much better! It goes well with what I wear, where as I could only imagine myself dressing the yellow jacket with black skinnies and a black tank. 

 I normal do purchase skincare products or makeup each month, but with attending blogging events at both Lush + The Body Shop, I picked up so many things which I’m currently trying out. I also bought my weight in Nyx products, which I think every woman in the UK has also done considering their counter popping up in Boots a couple of weeks ago! I love Nyx and it’s been so easy to merge their products in with my daily routine. I love love love their contouring palette and with it being powder based it’s so easy to use. Another simple to use product is the eyebrow pencil, it’s a twisty one with a brush on the end to really blend out the colour! It is a little too light for my hair but as a product it’s fantastic! It’s lasting me so long. Out of everything I bought from Nyx their ‘propel my eyes’ mascara has to be my ultimate favourite. The applicator brush is fantastic, thin so you can get to every lash but there is so much product! With buying all these new products I thought I might aswell buy a full new face worth so I purchased the fresh nude foundation by The Body Shop and it’s definitely my holy grail of all foundations! Bora Bora Tiara 012 is the perfect tone for my skin and if I’m honest I never would of thought to check into The Body Shop for foundation.

You’ve probably seen me raving about my first purchase to Limecrime all over my social media’s but I finally did it and of course I bought the Grunge Venus palette. I’ve fallen head over heels for every shade! Knowing I was getting a new palette I thought I would treat myself to some new brushes which weren’t expensive at all, just from a little store called Savers but I swear they keep product on them so well. 

I swear the Aloe Cleanser and the Camomile cleansing butter/makeup remover from The Body Shop has to be my favourite skin care purchases of 2016. I love them! I've never removed makeup so easily as I do with the Camomile butter and I use it every day. The Aloe cleanser when applied after the butter to really get into everywhere leaves my skin feeling amazing and I noticed straight away a difference in my face when I introduced these two into my daily routine.

Last but by no means least, you may of already seen Empty Casket featured on my blog but I got to work with my favourite jewellery brand and my heart nearly exploded. I love the style of sterling silver jewellery that they sell and with it fitting in with my own style, I wear their pieces daily. I was sent the Desert Moon choker which features turquoise moon stones and even thought I've had it for nearly a week I cannot stop getting it out it's cute little baggy to just stare at it! The perfect summer accessory. 

What are your favourite current things? Let me know in the comments and I might even go out and try them myself!

Until next time guys thankyou,