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17 Jul 2016

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, today I thought I would throw in my two cents about one of my biggest passions: fashion blogging. I absolutely love this blogging world I have gotten myself into and it has gone past a hobby for me, I want nothing more than for this baby Heart Shaped Bones I have created to be my job! I blog about many things that interest me, my life, products, art and especially fashion as it's pretty much my life. I've always loved styles of clothing, the cut, style through out the ages and have come to really love my own personal style. This blog was created in January of 2015 but I have been taking photographs of my outfits since at least 2013, on my first blog which really kept to itself! I had no idea how to blog, network or promote, but it really allowed me to develop myself and gain the skill set for blogging that I have now! I make it sound like a career but blogging is so much fun to me, it does consume my life but in the best possible way. Having over four years experience of taking photographs for fashion lookbooks I thought I would throw in my own two cents and share my top tips on how to take fashion photographs of yourself!


Whether this be the tripod, camera, lens, soft boxes, etc, you should definitely opt for the best to achieve the best quality photographs for your blog! I think that's pretty much standard and with the level of quality other bloggers are shooting at you really want to be playing with the big boys! I prefer taking my photographs outside as there's nothing better than natural light, but if you're set on taking them inside I would suggest soft boxes as they give you the right lighting at any time of the day! They're like support lighting.
Back in the day when I was first starting out I would literally balance my camera on anything, draws, bins if I was taking photographs in my garden and investing in a tripod really helped my game rise to another level. You can get both portrait and landscape depending on how you set your tripod top, you can shoot in so many more locations as that tripod you have bought is transportable AND you can get all sorts of height shots depending on how you adjust the level. Granted, it is so much easier having someone else take your photographs, which takes me onto my next tip!


Your outfit photographs will always come out better if you get someone to take them for you, which I know can be hard if you're just starting out and your confidence is non existent like mine was. I used to take my photographs in my locked room so my parents didn't walk in and wonder why I was so dressed up in front of a camera, I would of never wanted anyone to take those photos for me. With more experience I bless the shoots where my boyfriend Joel takes them for me, he's getting used to the camera and the photos come out amazing each time! By having someone take your photos they can get all the angels a tripod won't, they'll be able to see your best side and where the lighting is good, instead of you getting stressed about having to run back to your tripod to see that your photo is all over cast by cloud shadows. Its also a good point to make to really work with your 'photographer', don't just toss your camera at your friend and expect them to take photographs worthy of vogue. 


I have come to learn this one myself as only this years I finally came out of my back garden to explore the world and all the locations I could take photographs in! I thank Joel completely for this, having him taking my photographs gave me the confidence to branch out into the city to take my outfit photos. It's less scary having someone with you whilst you pose against doors, buildings, walls, when there is also the public walking past. We have our  fair share of good and bad experiences when taking photos in public, but I get t he best results for my blog! 


Natural lighting is always better which is why I like to take my photographs out! I find that they just look better than the ones I take inside, there's always a shadow or yellow tint to the ones I take in the house, so getting outside changes up my shoots every time. Getting the best lighting can always be a hard one, especially living in England as sometimes it's always grey outside or in winter where it gets dark sometimes at 4:30pm! Seriously its a pain. I find the best times to take photographs is when the sun is the highest so at 12 noon, that way you get less shadow to your shots and there isn't the glare you get when the sun is low. 


I don't know if this is just a pet peeve I have, but I hate seeing photographs on blogs which are blurry as hell! I will honestly go back out or even re film a video if the original is even slightly blurred. When taking outfit photos by yourself with a tripod I find it can be hard to get the camera to be in focus, but a good tip for that is to have an object as a sort of marker, placed where you're going to stand so the camera knows what should be in focus! For example, if you're going to stand close to the camera, put your hand where you'll be in front of the camera and set the timer! Timers are our best friends, it gives us time to run to the spot, take a pose and keep it. After having someone else take my photographs I do find it hard to go back to taking them myself, but being able to have them just as good quality/focus as when someone else is taking them makes all the difference. 


Whenever a shoot isn't going your way, just keep calm because later when it comes to editing, photo shop can save the day. Sometimes you can't get the exact shot you want, but you can always crop, zoom, change the contrast or lighting and everything will work out! Just stay positive and editing can be really fun, I always love going over the photographs I've taken when editing, it makes me appreciate small detail in them like say the background or how I've posed. You'll figure out what works for you and what you like the best for future shoots. 

I hope you found these tips helpful, there just a couple of things I've learnt over the years taking fashion photographs and hopefully they will help you in the future!

Until next time, 

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