Outfit of the day: My Spanish Sahara / FEAT SammyDress

13 Jul 2016

Hello lovely people!  This look seem familiar? I posted a little haul post of looks this week as I introduced a new brand to my blog, Sammydress. As I mentioned I loved each piece I was sent but one really stuck to me and the photographs came out awesome, so I thought I would show you all the Spanish styled, off the shoulder piece in more depth. 

I feel like I experienced every fashion bloggers nightmare whilst setting up this shoot, I didn't particularly have a location in mind and the sun decided it wanted to pop out at random times of the day. I'm pretty sure it rained whilst I was putting on some makeup, so I was a little on the fence already as I set off outside with my camera. Wearing black and white I wanted or more so needed to add a little colour to these photographs, so finding this beautiful blue door was my lucky day. In fact it's a row of beautiful pastel doors,  I'm assuming they are a mixture of garages and back garden gates, the owners probably have no clue they're a bloggers dream! 

Now for the outfit, I wanted to take summer hands on and dress this up light with a glow to my makeup, but then I remembered this was me I was dressing and went completely grunge. Subtle grunge perfects but I've still stuck to my guns. I've never really had anything with pompom fringe and it's the first time I've worn an off the shoulder piece, so when pulling items out of my wardrobe to pair with this dress I was kind of like ????? eh? I reverted to my comforts and dressed it like I would any other dress, pairing it with my suede black sun hat and pointed boots. The black detailing on the dress is quite subtle as the stripes are thin and the pompoms are black too, so wearing black accessories isn't over baring to the look. 

I was skeptical about an off the shoulder piece because I hadn't worn once since I was very very young and that was because my Mother dressed me. It's cool to see trends coming back and immediately I'm visualizing an off the shoulder number with flared trousers! Settling for something that isn't screaming hippy, I love this dress because it's a comfortable way to get me into the trend. There's nothing more I like than a A-line fitted dress! 

Sweet little post but here is one of my current favourite outfits! Hope you're all enjoying your summer and the occasional warm day we keep getting thrown! 

Until next time guys,