Outfit Of The Day: Tiger Lily

27 Jul 2016

Two outfit of the day posts in one week? You lucky sods! Hello again, I certainly did mention in my last post that I visited home over the weekend and along with seeing family I also managed to get a lot of blogging done, especially with outfit shoots! My parents live in a house (where I grew up) which is away in the country side, we live in a small village and on the outskirts down a lane, surrounded by fields and the woods is my house. Living away from this house has almost made me appreciate it more, I look outside the windows at the river and stretch of forest and think it is beautiful. There is nothing better than sitting on our balcony whilst the sun is setting, the trees rustling and the sun just feeling warm on your skin. I love it at night time, I love it in the day, so taking full advantage of the beautiful surroundings my sister helped me take some photographs of what I decided to wear that day.

I wore a similar outfit the other day and three complete strangers informed me that I looked like a native women, someone I work with saying I looked like Tiger Lily and it just stuck! I'd take that as a compliment, so this will forever be known as my Tiger Lily outfit. I wore this off the shoulder top and a black A-line skirt last time, so to dress it up a little to something you hadn't seen on my blog I paired it with this red skirt from Primark! Not only does it sit comfortably on my hips that I don't need a belt, I love the silver zip feature with a hook chain! The colour is completely different for me and despite my association with it being an autumnal colour, I think this skirt looks perfect in summer with a white top!  

I featured this piece in a recent post introducing you all to a brand called Sammydress* and fun fact it's actually a play suit! I'm not really the play suit kind of gal but I am a huge fan of laying to turn a piece into something different, so putting on a skirt turns this off the shoulder piece into a fabulous almost cropped looking top! I love the frill feature because I have nothing like it in my wardrobe at the moment and with off the shoulder trending at the moment I feel so current to the fashion I am loving at the moment! 

Empty casket so kindly sent me this necklace* and I did a little jewellery review here! Since receiving this beauty I've been eager to style it, and with my Tiger Lily inspiration I thought it was perfect! I don't know, I think it is such a unique piece!

Of course our little doggies couldn't resist getting in on our shoot! I love these pups but I swear everytime we started to take photographs they wanted strokes and to be picked up! The little buggas.

I hope you liked this look guys, I've been wearing different adaptations of the off the shoulder/skirt combination and it's been a comfortable choice for the heat we've had!

Until next time,