Popcorn done properly with Propercorn! INSTITUTE OF FLAVOUR

8 Jul 2016

Happy Friday everyone! I'm incredibly excited to be sharing again the word of Propercorn, as their #instituteofflavour  campaign is well on it's way as the brand give the public the opportunity to create new flavours of popcorn!
I was contacted by Propercorn to be involved with their summer campaign, the institute of flavour which is all about experimentation and creating unique flavours of popcorn! my job here is to give you guys a little run down of how the campaign works and how you can make your own flavours! I've been chewing over a number of ideas of how I could create this post to share with you all, so I thought I would just do a run through of the website and the process to enter your flavour for a chance to win not only propercorn for life but also to have your flavour in shops all around the country!

It all starts on instituteofflavour.com, this is where the magic happens! You choose everything, from whether you want your popcorn to be salty or sweet, options such as savory tastes or sweeter treats. You can literally choose from anything! Propercorn offer you every flavour you can think of, some usual cooking seasonings and others so out of the park they just might work! 

I was having so much fun myself choosing my seasonings that I don't even know if these two flavours work, but what I chose was Custard Cream & Brown sauce! Can you imagine, but I think that's what is exciting, any flavour could win. Propercorn will be announcing the chosen flavour on the 22nd of July so keep your peepers out and definitely create your own flavours! 

Short but sweet, thankyou so much Propercorn & definitely go out and make some awesome flavours for the nation to try!