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31 Jul 2016

Greetings and salutations! 10 points to anyone who can guess the reference! But anyway, good evening everyone! I tend to schedule all my posts a week in advance, so as I’m writing this I’m incredible aware it may not get published for a week or two, but I couldn’t resist sitting down and typing out my thoughts because they’re consuming me. I just left a house I have been living in for two years, well, I lived in my student house for a full year then I slowly started to move in with my boyfriend, till a couple of months ago where I was literally just paying rent on a house I never went to. With my three years at university coming to an end that means living as a student is also being terminated, all the students around the UK packing up their belongings and moving either back home or into another place to keep the independent dream alive!
Luckily I’m not one of those that will be returning home, I love my family with all my heart but I just couldn’t return to Doncaster. There is literally nothing for me back there. I’m really lucky to have met my boyfriend and I can announce we officially live together in our bear cave of a flat, so I will be staying in York, a city which I love! These were the type of thoughts I had as I spent today cleaning my student house, alone just thinking back on all the good memories I had of living there and what I’m going to do now. It was strange to be stood in my empty room, reminiscing about how the only time I had seen it so empty was the first day I ever moved into the house! My Dad was having an argument with a woman who had nearly ran into the back of his when I first met my landlady, she handed me the keys as both my Mum and I apologised for my Dads behaviour. We always make an impression. I was the first to the house two years ago and I remember setting up all my stuff, putting the bedding on the bed, putting my clothes away, my parents helping me with putting my cutlery away, it felt like a real home. That’s the main thing I loved about the house, I never saw it as a student house because it was just so lovely! We chose an area that doesn’t really have a lot of other students around, so most of our neighbours were either elderly or families. You could tell with the house that it wasn't your typical student digs, we had a lovely garden which I loved to sit out in and such nice furniture that our landladies had kindly put in for us.

I had the sunny side of the house and one of my favourite things was waking up with the sun streaming onto my bed, making naps so glorious. I’ve never come across better lighting than in that bedroom, and sat in there once more in an empty room, on a mattress made me think once more about those naps. I found myself really taking my time whilst giving the house a once more over clean, slowly exploring rooms, staring out of the window at the tall trees which I won’t see again. I think that’s what has made me feel a little uneasy, despite my presence lacking in the house my last year of university, I will really miss it. I’ll miss walking from town in the sunshine to the house, walking through the side of York where you leave the city and it becomes parks, flowers, tall trees and cute houses. I’ll miss the bakery around the corner from the house which I can’t remember the name of, but I would literally get cake every day from there. I miss taking late night walks to the shop on the corner for snacks and I’ll miss just lazing on the sofa all day with my house mates, watching films, not really caring because we were just so comfy. All these memories seemed to happen before I started working more and before I went into my third year of university, those memories are full of motivation, determination and Joel. The house lived its prime for me in my second year and I think I will always remember it as a place I developed myself as a person on my own and with two of the best women I will ever meet in my life.

Almost to stop myself from getting worked up about leaving the house, my head also started to reminded me of the things I won’t miss about living there, like having to waste so much money getting the bus in the winter months, always having my packages go next door and never getting them back. Minor flaws in comparison to how much I loved that house. I detached my own keys from the houses and really slowly made my way outside, locking the door the very last time and posting the keys through. I felt so weird and still do now. I just can’t believe I’ve paid rent for that house for TWO whole years. University went so fast. Just to give the house a truly fulfilled send-off I decided to walk home, walking past the shops I’ll never go in again, walking through the village that I will have no purpose to come to. I won’t even drive this way out of York. It’s so strange that I can live in an area for so long and suddenly have no purpose to go there again. I think I will though, I think I’ll visit in the future just to take me back to those good memories that surrounds that house. I didn’t particularly love university, but I did love living in that house.  

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