Tattoo Artists That I Absolutely Adore!

22 Jul 2016

I am incredibly excited to be writing this post as it focuses on something I am incredibly passionate about and that's tattoos! It's more so the artwork for me, and as an artist myself I an appreciate the skill and major effort it takes to turn those creations on paper into beautiful markings on the skin! That's it in a nut shell and ever since I was younger I always wanted to be covered in them! I always knew I wanted tattoos, both my parents are covered in them, my family have numerous ones and everyone I know these days are either covered head to toe or have the cheeky few. With the people I have in my life they are literally the norm and I never feel scrutinized or judged by having them, yes my parents would rather me not get too carried away and get them on my face, but if I did they wouldn't hate one single bit. I'm lucky to have support people especially when it comes to tattoos, I have come across my fair share of 'but what will you look like when you're older' people but thank god that is rarely. 

I have so many ideas for tattoos I want and I've been slowly working on getting them since I was 18, so of course I've been doing my research, following my favourites on social media pages and have built a wish list of Tattoo Artists I want to get tattoos from! I want to get a tattoo from each so badly in the future and I am determined to get atleast one this year by someone on my list. So without further a do, here are the Tattoo Artists I would kill to be tattooed by!  

Photo Credit to James Armstrong | Instagram | Holy Mountain Tattoo, Scunthorpe 

I had seen a lot of James Armstrong's stuff before I could legally get tattoo'ed and with Holy Mountain Tattoo being right round the corner from where I grew up I was tempted so many times to pop in for a quick tattoo. Saying this, I am dead picky and if I had gone for half the tattoos I wanted when I was just 18, I would regret them all. Now that I have a firm idea of how I want my tattoos, I want to head back to Holy Mountain and get myself booked in with him! I love James style, it's dark, always black work which I love and his mandalas are to die for. 

Photo Credit to Lucy Blue | Instagram | Blue Cardinal, GTr Manchester

I find Lucy's tattoos so cheeky, which makes me love them all the more so! She tattoos the most sassy looking women, with big boobs and bums, characters like poison Ivy who I loveeeeee. The ink she uses is so pigmented and bright which I never thought I would be attracted to, but I need to have a little colour on my body and Lucy is the girl with the gun for me! I love having her on my Instagram feed so I can constantly stay updated with her style and I then go into this daze where I try to think of somewhere on my body where I wouldn't mind a colourful piece. I want all black and white tattoos, but Lucy definitely changes my mind. 

Photo Credit to Rachel Baldwin | Instagram | Liverpool

Another lady who will definitely encourage me to get some colourful tattoos is Rachel Baldwin, the almost pastel colour palette she uses to tattoo with is breath taking. I love how she rarely uses black and her outlines are so soft to match with the colours of the tattoo! One of my favourite elements of Rachel's style is how she does 'glitter' like the detailing behind the scissors, it looks genuinely like magic. With her working only in Liverpool which is just a train journey away, I am so tempted to get myself booked in with her!

Photo Credit to Sadee Glover | Instagram | Black Chalice Tattoo, Swindon

I found Sadee Glover over on Instagram and instantly fell in love with both her colour palette and use of animals in her work, which I could definitely do with. I've tossed over the idea of getting a deer or rabbit on myself for a good two years now and when seeing Sadee's work, especially these two pieces, I knew shes the lady for me! I can imagine her work still looking awesome in black and white (if she tattoos in that style) but I would definitely go for a colour tattoo as her palette is beautiful. Look at those flowers and the use of high lighting!

Photo Credit to Alex Bage | Instagram | Durham

My friend has a number of tattoos by Alex Bage and after cooing over her tattoos, I looked into her artist and fell further in love with all of his work! Bage has a traditional style and works in both black and white, and colour, which is perfect for me! His instagram is on fire as he keeps it so updated and leaves me wanting to travel to Durham asap to get myself booked in for a session. I would love to get a number of little bits by him, probably on my arms to fill my sleeve or on my legs because I think his smaller sized pieces are my favourite!

Photo Credit to Danielle Rose | Instagram | Currently Guest spotting at Rotterdam

I first came across Danielle Rose in Things&Ink magazine as she was the front cover lady for the illustration issue! After that I just couldn't stay away from her social media, constantly looking at the ladies she draws (especially her weeping ladies) and desiring one on my arm! I want to possibly have a gypsy girl or Tiger Lily on my shoulder as apart of my sleeve, so I will definitely be hunting her down in the future to get myself tattoo'd! Shes currently working at Rotterdam as a guest spot, so when she returns to her usual spot I will fingers crossed be popping in. 

Photo Credit to Daryl Watson | Instagram | Painted Lady, Birmingham

Daryl Watson is some serious talent, I have a number of his art prints and I need to get tattoo'd by him as soon as I can before I scream AND he's moving from Scotland to Birmingham! The gods must be on my side for once as Birmingham is literally just around the corner! It's strange for me to really love colourful pieces like Watson's work as I only want black and white tattoos, but like a mad women his artwork needs to be on me for life. Literally. I am in love with the way he tattoos the backgrounds of his pieces, like glitter/night sky, along with his style of flowers. Not only is his tattooing awesome but his art pieces are available on his store, links through his instagram and aren't that pricey either which is a absolute bonus!

Photo Credit to Hudson | Instagram | Worcester 

As I love black work art/tattoos and create art pieces in this style myself, Hudson is right up my street. I came across his work on Instagram and constantly visit his page to tease myself with his style of tattoos which I desperately want. He creates pieces that I'm interested in, a little gothy which I love with the planchette design. 

Photo Credit to Megan Langdale | Instagram | The Burton Tattoo Collective, Leicester 

Last but certainly not least, my absolute babe fave Megan Langdale! I first came across Megan as Lilacfault, a fellow illustrator who art swapped with me a number of times and I have always been a massive supporter of her work. Right from when she started tattooing I want to get tattoo'd by her and as her skills have grown my need for a tattoo in her lovely, delicate style has grown too. I love her floral pieces, the small bunches of flowers and bones being everything I need on my skin. I really want a small piece on my arm or a under boob piece. 

Who are your favourite Tattoo Artists? Let me know, I'd love to hear your favourites so I can check them out myself and possibly add them to my dream team!

I hope you liked this post guys, until next time,

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