What I Casually Bought from Primark!

18 Jul 2016

A couple of Months ago Primark finally came to York, but teasing at my heart strings it's at a shopping outlet which is a good bus journey away! Typical. Whenever I have a good sum of money to treat myself with I never consider to head to Primark, I always tend to only visit if I'm wanting necessities or logical purchases, like socks. I'd like to say I went wild and bought so many pretty, cool, outrageous things
but this definitely isn't one of those hauls. I wish it was, so badly as I want to update my wardrobe with summer clothing, but when you go into Primark with your boyfriend and he's laid down the law of 'necessities' he means business. I wanted to check out the home ware section so badly but Joel had a firm grip on our basket...Men.  

Harry Potter Marauder Map Pj bottoms - £7

Cosy Socks/Love to Lounge range Socks - £2

Harry Potter 'Team Slytherin Pj Dress - £8

I know that it's summer and realistically you want to sleep in thin shorts, but in Britain that just 'aint gonna happen. Heading into the PJ's section of Primark I initially just wanted some lounging around Pj pants, something like legging material just so I could have something comfortable to lay around in. I never go for long Pj bottoms but when staying at my parents I always steal my mums or sisters, so it was definitely time to get my own. I'm not the type to wear joggers despite I would only wear them to lounge in my own home, so these were a perfect find! Not only are they soft as hell but hello THEY'RE HARRY POTTER!! I see all the time that Primark is jumping on the trends to sell quite cheaply priced clothing, Starwars also being a theme to alot of t-shirts/Pjs they sell, so I absolutely jumped on the band wagon. It was between these Marauder Map print bottoms or a checkered piece with the Hogwarts logo, but I've always loved how the Marauder Map would appear on the pages like splashes of ink, so I went for those! 
The other Harry Potter themed piece I purchased was a Pj t-shirt which I can only say must be a nightie. I bought it in a size medium to have a little bagginess and it comes down to my knees. Standard. My boyfriend actually pointed it out as I'm a hardcore Slytherin, so I had to snatch it up.

Two sets of Beauty Blenders - £1.50

Foundation Stick in Ivory - £2.00

Concealer Stick in Light - £0.90

These are the two products I am most excited to share with you all, and it's the foundation and concealer sticks! From time to time I've seen beauty bloggers feature makeup from Primark and I myself have tried out their liquid lipsticks, so I had a positive mind when I picked up these two beauty products to try out. I didn't know what to expect as I've never really used a foundation stick before, but my god, it is perfect. Not only is it the best coverage foundation I've ever tried (which for £2 is absolutely mental!!!) but with it being so cheap, I could buy a bunch for less than £10 and have foundation to last me months. MONTHS. I have tried concealer sticks before so it wasn't a new exciting experience as the foundation, but again the coverage is amazing. 

Quite a short and sweet post but I hope you enjoyed my Primark goodies! Pj's, Socks and Makeup are of course necessities... right? Have you purchased anything lately from Primark? I want to have a good look around the home ware section so badly!

Until next time guys, 

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