Outfit Of The Day: Black Button Down & Septum Jewellery!

31 Aug 2016

I had originally planned to do a salute off to Summer by sharing with you guys my summer favourite clothing picks, but I feel as if I'd be hiding something close to my heart and that is AUTUMN. I don't do well with heat at all, and even though it's been nice to walk around with no tights nor jacket on, the second it gets too hot I try to hide inside for as long as I can. Despite Autumn being cooler, definitely get your coats ready weather, I love to walk outside with the leaves falling and breath in that crisp air. So strange how a season can make me feel so excited for life, but I swear, when I awoke today and it was cold this morning I squealed a little! Autumn is dark clothes, hot drinks, mustard jumpers and dark lipstick for me! My favourite things. So where I could of done a post on my favourite summer pieces, I decided to skip the post idea and instead share with you an outfit of the day which is screaming AUTUMN I AM READY FOR YOUUUU.

My Current Favourite Things in August!

28 Aug 2016

I absolutely loved writing my last current favourites post, getting all the items together to photograph was fun enough, I'm really into flat lays and now I have a new coffee table it makes for the perfect space! This August I've TRIED to stick to a budget, a no spending ban probably being no good as I'm just not firm enough with myself when it comes to things that I want. Is that bad?

Starting A Bullet Journal!

26 Aug 2016

So I think the idea of a bullet journal is brilliant, a space dedicated for one particular thing and that is to keep my blogging life organized! Before putting this little journal together I had 1000 notebooks scattered around the flat all having schedules, post ideas and other things in them, which was an absolute pain when it came to organize myself. Keeping everything in separate notebooks seems ludicrous now that I've created one which holds everything! After seeing bullet journals pop up everywhere (literally all the blogs I follow seem to of late created their own journal) I thought I definitely had to jump on the wagon to see if a Bullet Journal could keep me organised! 

Outfit Of The Day: H&M Pinafore & Skirt

24 Aug 2016

Back again with another outfit of the day and I'm sporting an outfit completely by H&M! Well, the bag and shoes don't count right? I feel that one trend I completely jumped on last year was the pinafore dress, my first find from depop and the second from boohoo (which was an utter let down because it's HUGE on me), both big pieces for my winter wardrobe as I paired it with warm tights and long sleeved crop tops/jumpers. I once saw a beautiful burgundy Pinafore in topshop but never plunged into my pocket for it as it was pretty expensive, so to find this beautiful denim, button down black Pinafore this summer was gods gift to me! I absolutely loved black denim, I think in skirt form it's a must have for anyones wardrobe as it pretty much goes with anything! I have the same outlook on black denim Pinafores, you want a top with really cool sleeve detailing, pattern or pretty collar to make the look awesome.


22 Aug 2016

Hello lovelies, The past couple of months I've really dived into blogging again and have been able to give you content four days a week, all scheduled each month and it's content I am bloody well proud of! You guys reading have been wonderful too as my stats have gone crazy, encouraging completely and giving me the confidence of wanting to pursue my blog full time! It's all a working process and I love it, this month especially coming with some big ideas that will be featuring here on Heartshapedbones from here on out. I've really been inspired by my own thoughts, what I've been reading, other blogs, the world and I want to share all of these things with you guys. These ideas are shaping what I want my blog to be, where I want to take it, how I want people to see my blog and I hope it makes for good content! I would love your feedback, so lets get a discussion going in the comments!

I feel like some people might look at today's post and say 'why is this worthy of a blog post?'. I've seen a lot of tweets recently questioning the content on bloggers and what they create, people commenting on how there are bigger things to blog about than just the latest makeup or clothing...which makes me feel a little guilty every time I publish a fashion or beauty post. Honestly, I feel that bloggers can write whatever they bloody well want. I know there are bigger problems at hand in the world, I know that some people do not care in the slightest about what Kat Von D is launching next, BUT if you want to create a blog post on something you love in your life, to heck what people think on twitter. Your blog shows your interests and if you're passionate about beauty products, you blog about it. People who love politics can talk about that on their blog, people who love the environment can blog about that on their blog. I have interests and worries that I never touch on here on heartshapedbones, which is another thing people have tweeted about recently, blogs can sometimes come across as perfect. People are only going to share their good moments on social media or their blogs, which questions the realness of the generation of bloggers. I want to be real here on my blog, so I'm making a blog post on something I want to ramble about without worrying about if people find it interesting. 

Outfit Of The Day: Dahlia Fashion

17 Aug 2016

I’m super excited to share my outfit of the day with you today as it features one of my current favourite fashion brands Dahlia! I first came across their clothing in Topshop years ago, so when I saw on twitter that they were looking for blogger to work with, a lightbulb went off as I remembered their clothing to be super cute, modern with a British styling. My favourite things! Not only does their clothing feature in Topshop, Dahlia also have a boutique in London which I can only imagine is incredibly fabulous! I was more than eager to get in touch, the lovely ladies sending me this lacy number sent from heaven to share with you guys!

My Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Collection

15 Aug 2016

Happy Monday! I cannot believe a new week has come around again already, this time last week I was having the time of my life finally with some time off from work, but you always have to return to life I guess! I feel as if I had a month off rather than just a week, so what better way to get me back into my routine than writing a blog post! A month or two a go I shared with you guys my huge Nyx cosmetics purchase, one of those products being a Liquid Suede Lipstick which I was completely blown away by! Not only did I love the consistency but the applicator is perfect to shape my lips with. I didn't have to go for a second dip into the pot because you get so much product, which is a huge pro for how cheap these lip products are! I loved the liquid suede so much that when I visited the Nyx Counter in Boots recently, I had to pick out some more in other shades! I went for some safe options and two daring ones, so I thought I would show you them. 

Outfit Of The Day: Peasholm Park, Scarborough

14 Aug 2016

I don’t know if it’s because I was raised in the country, but I can’t imagine anything better than going on a long walk through the woods especially when the weather is utterly beautiful! On our recent trip to Scarborough we visited the oriental themed Peasholm Park and after going on the dragon pedal boats, we decided to take a walk through the park which suddenly turns into a beautiful forest with small streams flowing left, right and centre! We did get lost, but on the way we found beautiful fountains, ducklings and bridges which look like something straight out of Grimm’s Fairy-tale.  

Lets Get To Know Each Other! 22 Facts About Myself

10 Aug 2016

Hello everyone! Today's post is almost a little filler as I'm not actually at home to write out content like a fashion post or anything quite so in depth as you're used to! I'm away on my holidays with Joel my boyfriend as we rarely get time off work together, so we thought we'd have a romantic get away! How cute. We've had such a busy time since the weekend that I've sat down to schedule out posts and without taking any new photographs for posts, this is all I could think would make for a suitable mid week blog post of mine! I post four times a week and it's always on fashion, food or products I love, so I thought I would let you into my life a little more by telling you some facts about myself! I tried to steer away from the 'I am 22 years old' even though I've given you 22 facts because I am indeed 22 ;)

Day Date Foodie Review: Mannion & Co in York

8 Aug 2016

I haven't done a foodie type review in such a long time despite me being such a greedy guts and eating out practically every night (that happens when you live in the city) but finally I have my act together! My boyfriend and I finally have some time off together so we decided to head out for breakfast to our favourite spot in the city, a cute rustic/chic cafe tucked away near the Minster called Mannion & Co!

Earlier this week I introduced a brand to my blog called ZAFUL*, an affordable and on trend online store which I have fallen in love with so much. I spoke about my love for their floaty dresses and now I want to coo over another style of dress which is still quite floaty; the maxi dress!

My Favourite Skincare Products

5 Aug 2016

I actually didn't realize how many skin care products I used on a weekly basis or even a daily one until I put together this post, but I thought I would share with you today my favourite products which I can't go without now they're in my life! I'm lucky to say I always had good skin when I was younger, I didn't really have to use skin care products, only wipes for my makeup and that was my small routine (if you can even call it at) it was simple! As I got older, went on the pill, wore more makeup I started to get more blemishes, nothing major just the odd spot but to a point where I thought it was about time to pick up some bits which were going to look after my skin. That was about three years ago and after trying out a range of different price ranged products, I finally think I have a bunch of skin care that I absolutely love!

Outfit Of The Day: The Floaty Dress FEAT Zaful

3 Aug 2016

Hello lovely people! I've been meaning to show you these items for quite some time now but literally it has been apart of a blogging to do list which is sky high, and each time I've worked them into my outfit routine either the weather has been an utter let down or I've just not felt comfortable. I'm not going to attempt to take photographs when I'm unhappy with how the whole shoot is turning out, including my own appearance. As you can see I finally took the daring plunge and removed my hair extensions!!! Long story short but they just weren't doing it for me, I work long shifts in an environment where hair extensions aren't practical, so I decided to take them out and let my natural hair breathe. It's so healthy now and the length of all my choppy layers is something I am happy with now, so I'm quite content to not have my extensions in. Don't get me wrong I will definitely have them put back in eventually, but for now I'm going to have fun again with short hair. ANYWAY. I felt super confident with my hair and new lipstick that when putting together these outfits kindly sent to me by brand called Zaful*

My Top Ten Places I Love In York // Lifestyle

1 Aug 2016

So recently I have loved reading lifestyle posts, whether it relates to me or doesn’t, there’s something I find really interesting about another human being typing out their thoughts on their personal life. I occasionally post my own lifestyle pieces but these usually take the form of either a topic to do with blogging, my favourite films or a round-up of my week via looking at my Instagram photos. I haven’t had much inspiration to write lifestyle lately but I have loved reading them, so I thought this month I would make a genuine effort to create more lifestyle posts. The first on my list is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time since moving here and it’s ‘why I love living in York’. It’s true, I LOVE living in York for so many reasons, the sights, the people, the city, shops and restaurants literally right around the corner and possible the number one reason: it makes walking so much more pleasurable. Everything is close or just around the corner and the sights on the way are so beautiful, you can see the minster and the wall from the best beer gardens in all the good pubs running through the city! I’m happy just thinking about the beer gardens. I can easily list reasons of why I love living in this city so I thought I would share them with you guys!