Date Night: Giraffe Restaurant Food Review, York

Friday, 19 August 2016

I will confess, this date night did happen weeeeeks ago, but that doesn't make me a bad blogger because hey, I schedule the posts around here. Hello lovelies! Today I thought I would write a little food review on Giraffe, a restaurant that was recently brought to my attention as my boyfriend and I went exploring out near Monks Cross in York! 

Straight off the bat both Joel and I loved the variety on the menu, we browsed the huge board outside and decided to try Giraffe out for ourselves as we had never heard of it before! We rarely leave the city walls as York has so many good restaurants to offer, so it was lovely to be out exploring and come across somewhere new. The staff were incredibly welcoming and we got seated across from the bar, the sections decor (including the floor tiles omg) was fabulous and vibrant with a modern styling. Service was super quick for around 5pm, the restaurant being out near the shopping center so there was quite a crowd seated. It was nice to have a happy buzz of chatter around us without it being too loud, it really makes the impression that everyone was having a good time!

The menu has such a variety of options and food stylings, I felt lost for choice because I kept finding something new to coo over once I thought I had made up my mind! Joel wasn't as hungry as I was so we opted for the Tuscan Lamb Meatballs to share, which is bathed in tomato sauce, topped with yoghurt and gremolata breadcrumbs! My god they did not disappoint. They came with warm tortillas which were a great way of making a starter last, we dipped them into the sauce with casual date like chit chat and then dug into the meatballs which were so creamy. 

As both Joel and I were both new to Giraffe, we decided to each go for what is highlighted as a Giraffe favourites, myself going for the Tuk Tuk Duck Stir fry and Joel went for the Smoky Joe burger which funnily enough was going to be my first choice until I saw the stir fry! I've been trying to eat vegetarian for five days and eat whatever I want for the other two, so on one of those two days I thought why not treat myself to something different as I rarely go for duck. 
I've only ever really tried a beef stir fry and one bought from Tesco at best, so it was nice to have a new stir fry with alot of ingredients I wouldn't usually go for! The stir fry contains bok choy, mint, vegetables (norm) and noodles with chilli jam and crispy shallots! The chilli was everything to this meal and the mint was a nice refreshing touch as I would always get a little taste. There was so much food that I struggled to finish it, which for the price I was incredibly happy with! Better to have more than less. Joel's burger was a beef patty with smoked streaky bacon, chaddar, mixed leaves and a special burger sauce which made one tasty looking burger! It was that stacked you had a third bun layer in the middle, Joel said it was lovely and the thick skin on fries were great! You get a giant bowl of chips for again quite a cheap price!  

Giraffe also do a Brunch menu with a full breakfast available till 4pm! I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Giraffe and would happily visit again, especially with the options available! There's burritos, salads, chicken, bbq and burgers galore! Giraffe have over 50 restaurants in the Uk so definitely check them out if one is in your town!

Have you ever been to Giraffe? What did you get?

 Until next time guys,

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  1. Tbh their flooring alone has my vote! We went recently for the first time and really enjoyed it :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I couldn't stop staring at it, I tried to get Joel to take a sneaky shot of my shoes on the tiles but he's not true to the bloggers boyfriend myth! Glad you enjoyed your visit! xx


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