Lets Get To Know Each Other! 22 Facts About Myself

10 Aug 2016

Hello everyone! Today's post is almost a little filler as I'm not actually at home to write out content like a fashion post or anything quite so in depth as you're used to! I'm away on my holidays with Joel my boyfriend as we rarely get time off work together, so we thought we'd have a romantic get away! How cute. We've had such a busy time since the weekend that I've sat down to schedule out posts and without taking any new photographs for posts, this is all I could think would make for a suitable mid week blog post of mine! I post four times a week and it's always on fashion, food or products I love, so I thought I would let you into my life a little more by telling you some facts about myself! I tried to steer away from the 'I am 22 years old' even though I've given you 22 facts because I am indeed 22 ;)
I tried to keep it interesting, I swear. I hope you enjoy!

1) If I can get away with not wearing a bra at any point of the day, of the week of the year of my life I won't wear a bra. I've bought packages of nip tape just to help a girl out 

2) I have such an intense love for Kurt Cobain, his voice is so perfect and sometimes I'll spend nights looking at photos of him or reading into theories about his death...completely conspiracy and I love it but at the same time my heart literally squeezes for a man I was barely even alive to meet. Weird I know.

3) I had bright bubblegum pink hair until a hairdresser turned it blue and snapped all of the top layer of my hair off. I had to dye it black and wear short hair extensions to hide the fact I had no hair. I even bought wigs up until I made the plunge for micro looped extensions. 

4) Nothing feels better to me than touching warm wood. Like when the sunshine falls onto wood (like a patio then you lay on it whilst reading) or touching a wooden door outside.

5) Sometimes I make a plot line to songs when I'm walking to work, like I'll make story and scene up in my head to whatever song I'm listening to. Like story telling with a soundtrack.

6) I walk inwards on one foot so all my shoes break in the middle or the heel gets worn out so easily on one foot. Almost to prove it I broke my creepers today. Thanks foot

7) I sleep talk pretty much every night in my sleep, to a point where I get so nervous sleeping at friends houses because I'll talk some right crap. I've started to hum too, which I'm convinced is how I snore but it's apparently so annoying. 

8) Dark chocolate is my favourite of all treats

9) I absolutely LOVE murder documentaries, programs especially drama series where there's a murder investigation! I watch Midsummer murder mysteries every Saturday even though it's incredibly old and when getting together with my boyfriend I would make him find a good murder documentary to put on whilst we went to sleep, even though I would definitely stay up all night entranced. Whether it's on famous killers or fictional murder novels I find it dead interesting. I don't know whether it's more the mystery I like

10) When I took a trip with my boyfriend to Whitby  we went over the Moores (I didn't know thats where we were because we were on the bus) and I told Joel I thought "It would be a good place to hide a body" then when a woman gave me dirty looks I only just clued on.

11) I've always been a cat person until getting my own place, now I want to a dog so bad for the company! We have rats who are so bloody cute, but a dog would cuddle with me 24/7.

12) I plan to get a full sleeve of tattoos and atleast a full leg done! Probably two. I want to get atleast half my sleeve done by the end of this year

13) Films released in the 90's or set in the 90's are my favourite films! Clueless is love <3 Addams Family is life <3

14) I find the 1920's style of a fashion so inspiration, along with the big 1920's glam fantasy of Hollywood! Lana Del Ray is literally Bae.

15) I always would say my favourite colour was green until when I was 18 someone said to me 'you look like that type of girl who's favourite colour is purple' and I thought to myself 'yeah I guess I am'. At the moment I am loving Olive green and mustard yellow, a deep red too. I just love my Autumn colours.

16) Wednesday Addams is my spiritual animal, I literally have so many pairs of 'Wednesday' dresses with the white collar.

17) My mum always says I remind her of Jane from Breaking Bad/Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Audrey Hepburn because of how they look and the characters they portray, which is really fun as they are both two massive inspirations of mine. Both hairstyle, fashion, as women wise. If I could magically transform into either I would.

18) I am so unlucky with plants, I literally have this one which I keep managing to just bring back to life every time I water it. Plants ALWAYS die on me. In days of having them :(

19) I have such a huge family, my Dad has eleven siblings who all went off to have loads of children who have had loads of children, etc. I have three other siblings (an older brother, younger brother and younger sister) but I've been told by a number of friends that they expected me to an only child (whyy?????)

20) I love films so much. I will sponge watch so many in a day, casually whilst I draw, when I'm making food, whilst I'm eating food, whilst I'm getting ready, at night when I want to sit down and watch more films (thats when I watch the films you really need to think about). 

21) My Grandma & Granddad were called Lily and James like Harry Potters parents. I think that's so cute.

22) I can't stand coffee. I love the smell of it, but the taste ugh! I'm all about the sugar, a year ago it got so bad that if I didn't have a glass or two of cola in the morning I would feel sick and have a permanent headache! So bad I know.  

I promise to get back to inspiring content on Friday (my next blog post day), I'll give you the sort of content that you come to Heartshapedbones for! I promise

Until next time,

If you're wanting more facts about myself then check out a youtube video I posted on my channel of 50 facts about my little old self here