My Favourite Skincare Products

5 Aug 2016

I actually didn't realize how many skin care products I used on a weekly basis or even a daily one until I put together this post, but I thought I would share with you today my favourite products which I can't go without now they're in my life! I'm lucky to say I always had good skin when I was younger, I didn't really have to use skin care products, only wipes for my makeup and that was my small routine (if you can even call it at) it was simple! As I got older, went on the pill, wore more makeup I started to get more blemishes, nothing major just the odd spot but to a point where I thought it was about time to pick up some bits which were going to look after my skin. That was about three years ago and after trying out a range of different price ranged products, I finally think I have a bunch of skin care that I absolutely love!

 The Camomile Cleansing Butter by The Body Shop - For years I only ever took my makeup off with wipes or a liquid makeup remover, but after having a facial with The Body Shop, I will never go back to taking my makeup off with anything but the Camomile Cleansing Butter. Easy doesn't begin to describe how effortless this product is!  You simply rub the butter into your makeup and it removes with a wipe or wet cloth. Done. Simple. It leaves my face feeling so smooth afterwards with a little moisture, with it being a cleansing butter it really helps your skin whilst also taking your makeup off! I do use a second cleanser afterwards, but if you want a two in one product definitely try this out!

The Greeench Deodorant Powder by Lush - I have never used a deodorant power before but once trying it out a few times, I found it was just like using talcum powder. Scented with an earth smell, I really like The Greeench because it's uni sex, both my boyfriend and I have used it and I still have pretty much a full bottle! I do think that a roll on or spray is much easier to use, but not only does this product leave my under arms feeling so soft, just like talc it keeps my skin protected.  

Garnier Simple Essentials Makeup Remover - I had to include this product because I've been using it for years, and until finding The Body Shop's Cleansing Butter I used it religiously. For both face and eyes I found this product to be another simple user, you pour a little onto a cotton bud and wipe away the makeup. simples. I have quite sensitive skin and at the time of experimenting with products, this was good old faithful that never hurt my skin.

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream by The Body Shop - Another treasure I bought from The Body Shop, I not only love the scent of this product but it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and I instantly notice a difference when waking up from a night wearing it! The consistency is creaming and really goes along way, I tend to wear this four nights out of the week and I've barely made a dint to the tub! 

Five O'clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie by Lush - My original love for this product stemmed from the fact it smells exactly like Night Wing which of course was my Halloween themed favourite purchase! After using it on my skin to shave with it became my favourite for a new reason, it leaves my skin feeling beyond amazing after shaving! It does clog up my shaver which I can't understand as surely the cream should just dissolve in the water? 

So I was introduced to the smugglers soul range of products when I went to the Summer launch at Lush, which promotes Sandalwood in their products and the whole journey of how it is made! As part of this journey we did a number of activities around the store and was introduced to these two facial products, which I just had to have! As one is moisturizing cream and the other a scrub, I thought I would talk about both products separate! 

Smugglers Soul Multipurpose Cream by Lush - I love this product because it's so refreshing on my skin, cooling with a hint of cucumber, it has the smallest hint of sandalwood to keep my skin feeling incredibly soft! I always use this product after the scrub but I've started to just use it as part of my night time routine after I take my make up off, just to moisturize my face. You can also use this product to shave with which is wonderful as it's always close to my tub, just incase I don't have my 5oclock whistle!

Smugglers Soul Face Scrub by Lush - This product seems to take the same ingredients as the multipurpose cream and flip it upside down, the sandalwood being the scent that sticks out whilst the cucumber is subtle for a creamy feel on your skin. I love this scrub because its not too harsh, the beads being rough enough to take away the grit on your skin whilst still being super soft.  

Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser by The Body Shop - I bought this product when I purchased the cleansing butter makeup remover and oh. my. god. I don't know if it is a combination of both products but I woke up the next day instantly seeing a difference with my skin. I love using this product as my second cleanser because it's scentless, light consistency and when using it as a facial, silky absorbs into your skin. I do use a hot cloth to take it off as you should do, but it leaves my skin feeling remarkable and theres a glow! 

Mask Of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask by Lush - This product has been super hyped for such a long time now that I was eager to add it to my skincare collection, curious to how it was going to leave my skin and it does not disappoint! First trying I was blown away by how minty this product was, a menthol scent overwhelming and gave my fave a tingly sensation. It burnt Joels face too much that he couldn't stand the ten minutes, but biting my lip through the 'pain' It was absolutely worth it after the ten minutes. It doesn't feel tight and leaves my face looking so refreshed and clean!

I hope you liked the skin care products I have to offer! What are your favourites? Any you'd think I should try? 

Until next time guys,