My Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Collection

15 Aug 2016

Happy Monday! I cannot believe a new week has come around again already, this time last week I was having the time of my life finally with some time off from work, but you always have to return to life I guess! I feel as if I had a month off rather than just a week, so what better way to get me back into my routine than writing a blog post! A month or two a go I shared with you guys my huge Nyx cosmetics purchase, one of those products being a Liquid Suede Lipstick which I was completely blown away by! Not only did I love the consistency but the applicator is perfect to shape my lips with. I didn't have to go for a second dip into the pot because you get so much product, which is a huge pro for how cheap these lip products are! I loved the liquid suede so much that when I visited the Nyx Counter in Boots recently, I had to pick out some more in other shades! I went for some safe options and two daring ones, so I thought I would show you them. 

Ny Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, in shade Sway
The first of the two daring shades I went for, I've always wanted a purple lipstick but I thought a more lilac shade would be incredibly unique! When swatching this product the consistency is so thick but actually on my lips it can be a little patchy, so you definitely have to double coat to get a solid colour! It also makes my teeth look very yellow because of how blue toned the shade is...It's so weird how a shade of lipstick can completely change your face, but I just had to add this shade to my collection! I think this lipstick would be perfect for a festival look or if you're just fancying a more colourful look for your night out!  

Nyx Liquid Cream Lipstick, in shade Amethyst 
I found again this was another lipstick where you had to double coat to achieve a solid colour, but I LOVE this shade. I think it will be perfect for the colder months and I'll go for this shade instead of black, which I do tend to wear more in winter! I've always wanted a good purple shade to experience with, it's a must have to the collection of someone who appreciates all the dark things. It's quick drying like all of the suedes I have and stays strong through eating too! With darker shades I'm always shared they'll mess up when it's dinner time, but thank the lord Nyx have their liquid matte lipsticks under control!

Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks, in shade Sandstorm 
This HAS to be my favourite shade not only because it's a nude, but it's so easily wearable with anything I own AND I can wear it either casually or to dress up. It matches my warm skin tone perfectly! I think this is a perfect dupe for Buffy from Limecrime if you also have that nude brown shade, Sandstorm being just a little warmer but literally slightly. The product goes on my lips so buttery and is super comfortable to wear on your lips all day, proof in the pudding I wear it to work like every shift and it lasts up to 8 hours so far! (It even lasted through my lunch break half way through)

Nyx Liquid Sude Cream Lipstick, in shade Vintage
Vintage is the perfect name for this lipstick as the shade is a classic berry brown! I instantly wanted to turn my photographs black and white to see how lovely dark grey my lips would be, which is a cheeky trick if you're into black and white portraiture. Looking at the swatches I feel like this lipstick has more than just a berry tone, theres red, brown, purple, all combined to make my favourite new dark lip! This consistency was great and I only had to dip into the pot once.

Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, in shade Kitten Heel
Last but certainly not least is the classic red lipstick, the first Liquid suede I purchased and still my favourite red lip product that I own! The applicator is everything to me and really pushes the product, it shapes your lips great so that you don't over do them! Sweet smelling unlike the others, it's another suede in which you only need one coat and the liquid dries instantly!

What do you guys think of the shades I got? Have you bought any of the other Liquid Suedes? Let me know! I want to add more to the little collection I have going on so leave me your opinions!

Until next time,