My Top Ten Places I Love In York // Lifestyle

1 Aug 2016

So recently I have loved reading lifestyle posts, whether it relates to me or doesn’t, there’s something I find really interesting about another human being typing out their thoughts on their personal life. I occasionally post my own lifestyle pieces but these usually take the form of either a topic to do with blogging, my favourite films or a round-up of my week via looking at my Instagram photos. I haven’t had much inspiration to write lifestyle lately but I have loved reading them, so I thought this month I would make a genuine effort to create more lifestyle posts. The first on my list is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time since moving here and it’s ‘why I love living in York’. It’s true, I LOVE living in York for so many reasons, the sights, the people, the city, shops and restaurants literally right around the corner and possible the number one reason: it makes walking so much more pleasurable. Everything is close or just around the corner and the sights on the way are so beautiful, you can see the minster and the wall from the best beer gardens in all the good pubs running through the city! I’m happy just thinking about the beer gardens. I can easily list reasons of why I love living in this city so I thought I would share them with you guys!
My top ten places/things that I love in York:

Mannion & Co

Mannion & Co is the cutest café tucked away down by the Minster that I have ever encountered AND the food is to die for. There was a period of my life when we ate here literally every week, Joel and I would go grab breakfast and pretty much each time we ordered the same thing. I've never had a better eggs Benedict better than at Mannion & Co, they make their own bread and the sauce! The sauce is something you will only believe is god's own sauce until you try their home made Hollandaise. There is only a couple of tables and an out door area so alot of the time you do have to wait for a table, but completely worth it. They also sell an afternoon tea set and meat/cheese platters!  

(This has to be my favourite street in York so I couldn't resist getting a snap to show you guys when walking to Evil Eye)

Evil Eye Bar

One of the first bars I was ever introduced to in York and you can never get a cocktail anywhere else when you've seen their huge selection of cocktails. Alot of them are strong as hell, but taste amazing! In front they have a small shop where you can buy alcohol, in back a cocktail bar with an outdoor area and restaurant! They have at least two floors with more tables and even a bed style lay down area! I've had a number of good times in this bar including my 20th birthday and my brothers birthday, cocktails being quite expensive but absolutely worth it. They also do a quiz night where you can win pitchers hazar!

The Museum Gardens

Thanks to Pokemon Go I've spent so much time in the Museum gardens, but it's a beautiful place so I could not complain once! I've never actually been to the museum itself but sitting on the grass, looking around the park with a drink from Starbucks down the road makes me so happy. The gardens are always filled with life, flowers, animals (you can legit hold owls) and if you want just a nice walk with a loved one it's great to take a lap. 

The River

I walk past the river every day to work and each time I fall in love with the scenery. There's a number of bridges but this one is on its way to the train station, on one side you can see the stretch of trees and the other the rest of the city! York has a number of boats you can rent to ride, or pay to go on one of the ride along boats as you listen to facts about York! One thing I love about York is definitely the view of the river from pretty much every bar balcony on this side of the city. 

Tarts and Titbits

An absolute treasure hidden down by the university, Tarts and Titbits sells the best fresh and home made food at such cheap prices! You get a really warm welcome from the owner who is literally there 24/7, we live around the corner from this place and you can see him setting up at 6 in the morning till really late at night. You can tell care goes into the food made and if you know of the beautiful food that is vine leaves, this is where you can get 10 for £2!!! Pies, pasties, sandwiches and every flavor of drink you can think of. The best place for lunch if you're wanting something quick for on your work break or if you're just passing by and want a snack. 

York St John University

Despite only enjoying the last year of my university course, I still can appreciate how beautiful campus was! This is the front of the building, where a lot of the class rooms are located (mine were all across campus from here) but walking to and from class was always such a pleasant walk. The first time I came to visit the university my mum made a comment to the entire tour group that the place looked like an old asylum. She honestly knows me so well.  

Lush York

I'm super happy I live in a city where Lush is a thing, It's been a hard struggle always having to order my things online where I can walk five minutes into town and browse at the lush's bath bombs! The team is utterly lovely which makes visiting the store more fun, they're always there to help and I end up spending so much rent money on new exciting products atleast once a week...

Winner Winner Resturant

If I know you in real life and you come to visit me in York, I will more than likely bring you to Winner Winner for dinner because their BBQ sauce is life. The closest to smoke house style food that we have here in York, Winner Winner offer a bbq style of food that will leave your buttons popping off your trousers. You get so much food on your plate that it's hard for me atleast to finish it, but with the number of sides to choose from and sauces it's totally worth it. They also have a number of cocktails to choose from and you get them in quirky glasses! It's awesome. If you're into this style of food definitely try them out, they're right by the river so if you sit next to the window the view is so beautiful while you destroy a burger!

The Minster

It might be the biggest tourist attraction in York but I generally love being able to see the Minster from every point in the city, it constantly peaks out over buildings and you can hear the bells from everywhere on a Sunday! Despite the outside constantly being packed with tourists it's still amazing to stand outside and just look up at the detail of the building! There's a really beautiful garden a part of the Minster, it holds some beautiful history and despite the minster being super busy, it's always peaceful as everyone is just sat enjoying the sunshine. 

The Minster Bookstore

Last but not least is the best bookstore right next to the Minster, tucked away into the narrow buildings, its almost hidden but as a book lover I get distracted instantly by the books on sale outside! This bookstore has atleast five floors of the most random books, some incredibly old but with them all having character I can spend hours just browsing each section. Downstairs they have paranormal/ghost books right next to the children section, I love it! Instead of taking a trip to Waterstones try here instead, the books are super cheap and one of a kind. 

I'm surprised it's taken me this long to create a post like this because I really love living in York, it's such a great city and these are my hot spots! Have you been to York recently? What are your favourite spots?

Until next time guys,