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Friday, 12 August 2016

Ok guys, go grab yourself a cup of something and sit yourself down because the amount of photographs I have to share with you in this post is, well...there is so bloody many. Working full time in such a busy city right in the middle of Summer only means one thing to me = that I can kiss spending any time with my boyfriend because work is going to consume our lives. Already just touching into August we rarely get a night in together, so we thought it was about time we used some of the holidays at work we'd accumulated and just go on a cheap get away to somewhere in England! We'd been tossing around ideas of going down south or to Whitby as we both love how Gothic it is, but deciding on somewhere new we ventured out to Scarborough!  

So the photos above pretty much shows our first day in Scarborough and below shares the second, we explored two separate areas of the sea side town and I'm in love with how completely full of life it all was! I have family which live in Scarborough so I'm no new face, but Joel has only been a hand full of times and twice have been with me! Despite visiting every year I've only been with family, so to get away just the two of us to a place I absolutely love because it reminds me so much of good family time, was the best decision. We arrived bright and early to scope out around where we were staying, grabbed some quick lunch and checked into The Grand Hotel. From being a child I've always looked up at the huge/old fashioned hotel and wanted to visit, so despite the terrible reviews (all false from our own experience) we booked a room and finally visited our first old fashioned hotel. I don't know if it's old fashioned because they've purposely wanted to keep the 1920's typical sea side glam vibe alive, or if they simply don't have the money to renovate, but we personally loved how 'back in time' it was.

We spent our first day after checking in exploring the hotel, down the sea fronts to get sea food and play on the arcades! We really wanted a relaxed trip away so we enjoyed just exploring the town, finding small cafes to get drinks from then spent the night in the hotel lounge watching the bingo and drinking. Joels Mum drove down to meet us so we could all go our for dinner, choosing a restaurant on the sea front we all went for some of Scarborough's favourite sea food bits.   

Instead of blindly exploring Scarborough like on our first day, we actually had a plan to walk to the other end of Scarborough, more to where the residence live (most of my family anyway) because there is also the most lovely oriental themed park called Peasholm Park! Another part of Scarborough that reminds me of my childhood, I remember my Grandma taking me to see the cool boat shows they would put on at night, with huge lights and tiny little army style ships. Now returning as an adult, the park is completely reformed with so many activities to choose from! There's mini golf and pedal boats in the shape of dragons, which of course Joel and I just HAD to go on. We didn't plan to spend a lot of money so this was more of our 'free stuff to do day', we had a lovely walk down the beach, got caught in the rain as it was just our luck! There was so many really good Pokemon Go spots so we were both well occupied on the huge walk we took, finding cheeky foundations in the middle of the woods and taking a trip down to the light house at the tip of the peer!  

(This was The Grand Hotel where we stayed)

Whats your favourite sea side town? Do you have any small holidays you're taking this summer?

Until next time guys, 


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I can't wait to go to Scarborough. My favourite seaside town is probably my home town! X

  2. Hhaha - you're right so many photos! They are all so beautiful and looks like a great weekend away!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. Love all of these seaside photos you got, Scarborough looks lovely! I've never been before, which is insane considering how much I love seaside towns and little parks that this place seems to have an abundance of. I especially like the look of Peasholm Park, so will definitely have to go soon! I live much nearer to the coast now, having moved from Milton Keynes to Cumbria 2 years ago and love the area near St Bees here just outside Whitehaven, but I've also got fond memories of Littlehampton which I spent many a childhood holiday at. - Tasha

  4. Love all of these photos, so cute! And I'm obsessed with your red skirt!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa


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