Outfit Of The Day: Black Button Down & Septum Jewellery!

31 Aug 2016

I had originally planned to do a salute off to Summer by sharing with you guys my summer favourite clothing picks, but I feel as if I'd be hiding something close to my heart and that is AUTUMN. I don't do well with heat at all, and even though it's been nice to walk around with no tights nor jacket on, the second it gets too hot I try to hide inside for as long as I can. Despite Autumn being cooler, definitely get your coats ready weather, I love to walk outside with the leaves falling and breath in that crisp air. So strange how a season can make me feel so excited for life, but I swear, when I awoke today and it was cold this morning I squealed a little! Autumn is dark clothes, hot drinks, mustard jumpers and dark lipstick for me! My favourite things. So where I could of done a post on my favourite summer pieces, I decided to skip the post idea and instead share with you an outfit of the day which is screaming AUTUMN I AM READY FOR YOUUUU.


I didn't realize I was wearing such a heavily based boohoo wardrobe until listing each piece to my outfit, the dress, shoes AND necklace being all from boohoo. Whenever I want to do a bit of online shopping I instantly head to boohoo.com, their clothes are great value for money and there is always a trusty sale full of on trend pieces to snatch up! I ordered two dresses and this choker, all only coming to less than £25 AND I got free next day shipping with their codes which flash all around the website. This sounds like a sponsored post I know but it isn't, I just really love a good clothing website when I see one, and Boohoo has always been a favourite since I moved away to university. With being a student it's great to find cheap bargains! 

Onto the outfit, I'm happy were in the last days of summer because that means us in England have a hint of heat left, which was perfect to show you this all black outfit as it definitely will look different in a couple months time because of the layers I'll have to dress it with. Black is my comfort and I also love having loose clothing, this button down, off the shoulder piece being my new comfy all in one outfit that I can throw on to work with anything. I've used it to lounge in, go out in and even just to pop to town! I think I may be a little obsessed with off the shoulder type pieces...but I don't feel too bad because not only is this a complete different style of dress that I usually sway to, it's in black! I experimented with summer and bought a lot of white off the shoulder, now it's getting cold I'm retreating back to black but keeping my favourite trend of 2016.

I only have my ears pierced so it's nice to own fake jewellery to pop in from time to time, this black septum number always managing to reappear on my dresser so I love to add it with the rest of my accessories. Appreciating Autumn with my dark lip shade, I thought adding a black septum piece would just give my face a little more detail! I feel so fancy whenever I wear it which makes me want to get it pierced so badly, but seeing as I have said this for over two years now, I might just add some beauty silver fake pieces to my jewellery collection instead. I know the chunky nose jewellery isn't everyones cup of tea, but I love the way it looks myself, it's different!

Have you recently found any goodies from Boohoo? Let me know in the comments! What do you think of Septum Jewellery?

Until next time guys,