Outfit Of The Day: Peasholm Park, Scarborough

14 Aug 2016

I don’t know if it’s because I was raised in the country, but I can’t imagine anything better than going on a long walk through the woods especially when the weather is utterly beautiful! On our recent trip to Scarborough we visited the oriental themed Peasholm Park and after going on the dragon pedal boats, we decided to take a walk through the park which suddenly turns into a beautiful forest with small streams flowing left, right and centre! We did get lost, but on the way we found beautiful fountains, ducklings and bridges which look like something straight out of Grimm’s Fairy-tale.  

As for the outfit, I wanted something that was both appropriate for the weather with their being a little cloud but also on trend with this years summer must haves. You've definitely seen both of these items in previous outfit of the day posts, but as they were pieces I never went into much detail with I thought it would be good to show them off now! One huge current trend I see on every item I find online is Bell (flared) sleeves, so when I found a top with bell sleeves, lace feature and cut outs for the shoulders to peak out, I had to buy. I wanted to experiment with the style of tops I owned so I headed to H&M where I knew I would be able to find some interesting pieces, tried on a couple and headed out with this incredibly 70's inspired top! The sleeves have a subtle flare which is almost hidden with the lace feature running around the cuffs, another favourite feature as I do love myself some lace. As for the skirt, it was one of those finds in Primark where you can't see the rack, its the right size all alone in the dress section and god might of been shining down on me. It's super comfy and with the amount of walking we did that's what I wanted whilst also looking nice to pop into a cafe for lunch.

I feel like with the trees hiding the sun this shoot turned really Witchy, which I love! Black accessories is always a given with my style and I recently found an old jewellery piece from Blood Moon Jewellery.

Have you jumped on the flared sleeve trend? Let me know some of your favourite trending items!

Until next time guys,