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Monday, 29 August 2016

*Note, I wanted to create a lookbook featuring my favourite of the shoulder black piece, perfect to show off all three of my tattoos but it's rained constantly since planning this post! So instead I've kept it real, bare faced, straight out of the shower. 

I've been wanting to make a post on my tattoos for a while now, and with it going down like a nice treat on my youtube channel, I thought I would create a little FAQ post here on my blog! I want to start creating content that really shows me as a person and my interests, rather than just showing my favourite new products or places to eat! You feel me? So I current have only three tattoos, which may seem minor in comparisons to others but my tattoos are my personal journey! I get them when my life is right, at huge moments for me and I do plan to get a whole huge collection. But when the time is right!
My biggest is the half leg piece on my right shin, my favourite the spiders web on my shoulder, and last not least my first which is still a favourite on my right forearm. So lets get into the FAQ!

How much do they cost?
I think people want tattoos to be super cheap, so when you tell them other wise they can't quite believe it! If someone isn't prepared to pay alot for a tattoo than honestly, it's going to be quite shit. I'll hold my hands up if you get a super amazing piece for cheap, but if you plan to go to the tattoo shop around the corner from your Nan's next to Heron Frozen Foods expecting to get in that day with only £20...I'll stop. Tattoo artists charge all different rates for tattoos, some by the hour, some by the design and they even have little tattoo giveaways on their social media which is super cool if you win! If you're asking someone the price of their tattoos to know what to expect with getting your own, I recommend finding a tattoo artist you love and getting a quote yourself.

Do they mean anything?
If someone posed this question to me like I did just then in my head, I could answer it happily without getting annoyed slightly. But people don't. People tend to ask this question with such a tone in their voice, a tone thats going to judge you hard if you, like me feel that tattoos don't necessarily need a meaning. I love tattoos for their design, I love them for the skill of tattooing and different styles. My own tattoos have no meaning, but to me they remind me of the time I got them and represent things I love! So the fangs remind me of classic horror films, but I mean the ones like lost boys and interview with a vampire...I love old vampire films, so I got the fangs. My leg tattoo is made up of many things, bats, skulls, a coffin and a beautiful moon I'm absolutely in love with. I love Halloween, spooky things, goth things so I wanted a tattoo to represent that side of me, and I also got it when I finished my first year of university with a pass! My recent is the cobweb on my shoulder, which I got because I loved the design.

Do you regret them?
Not at all. I think this is another question that sometimes can come across quite judgmental, especially because the people asking don't agree with tattoos. I'll never regret them. They'll always remind me of good times and even if I grow out of a design, the tattoos are me now. I got my first tattoo four years ago and I'm still in love with it. 

Do they hurt?
My friend once got really annoyed at me because I answered this "Yes" and that was bad because it wasn't convincing her to get a tattoo. If I need to CONVINCE you to  get a tattoo, you shouldn't be getting a tattoo. Yes, tattoos hurt, but in a really weird way. Everyone experiences pain differently, what's minor to me could be really bad for you! I found both my skin and shoulder bone fine to be tattooed on, whilst others have told me the shoulder was so bad for them! It's a pain you can't describe until you've had a tattoo, but just remember, it's a needle going into your skin really fast, dragging to make the beautiful art that will be your tattoo.

But what will you look like when you're older? 
I'm hoping to look like an old Audrey Hepburn.  You? 

Do you plan on getting anymore?
I eventually want a full sleeve on my left arm, the cobweb on my shoulder starting it off! I'm slowly designing that one, I want mandalas, either Tiger Lily or a fortune teller, a spider to join my cob and lots of dotwork designs! For my leg I really want to cover them, in traditional black and white vintage tattoos and also film characters! All the classic ones, Lydia, Frankenstein...Things I love really. One tattoo I really want is a stag and doe, representing both my Grandparents James and Lily, with my love for Harry Potter too!

Why do you have tattoos?
It's how I express myself deeper than clothes or makeup. The Tattoos are me, it's artwork that I love which I can have forever with me. 

Thankyou for reading! 
Until next time guys,

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  1. I love this, i'm new to your blog but it's completely my style and I wish i'd found you sooner! :) xx

  2. I spied your ink at the Bloggers Blog Awards! It looks awesome. I have a couple myself but I'm wanting a sleeve but just haven't decided quite what I want yet. Decisions, decisions...

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