Starting A Bullet Journal!

26 Aug 2016

So I think the idea of a bullet journal is brilliant, a space dedicated for one particular thing and that is to keep my blogging life organized! Before putting this little journal together I had 1000 notebooks scattered around the flat all having schedules, post ideas and other things in them, which was an absolute pain when it came to organize myself. Keeping everything in separate notebooks seems ludicrous now that I've created one which holds everything! After seeing bullet journals pop up everywhere (literally all the blogs I follow seem to of late created their own journal) I thought I definitely had to jump on the wagon to see if a Bullet Journal could keep me organised! 

I think the most important factor for myself is how fun it was making this journal, the arty side of me coming out as I decorated pages with material, paint, decorative stick ons, etc. Before I even did any planning I was creating colour schemes and adding thrills to everything! I love how this little book can be whatever I want it to be, decorating it how I choose, planning my to do lists in a style which is only going to be beneficial. I think with my other notebooks I always put them down somewhere after writing in them and forgot completely what I had to do, but with this journal I'm constantly flicking through the pages. I'm updating everything, keeping track and writing down so many notes in which to keep me on track of my blogging. It's game time with the new content on my blog, I'm so inspired and proud of what I've been producing, so I'm happy that in a prime time for Heartshapedbones I've found such a good way of keeping my thoughts together.  

After researching how to create a bullet journal, looking at other bloggers, youtube tutorials on how to construct the planning order, I started to fill in the pages! I started with a key, some journals also doing this and others doing it their own way. I thought it would be awesome to only have to put a little icon next to text and know what I had to do, so a little camera would mean take photographs and then the text would state what for. After also including an index the rest really revolves around the month, where I've included a calender to sum up any plans I have on certain days, goals I have for that month and then my blogging/youtube schedules!

The order of my journal: 

  • Key
  • Index
  • Month Calender 
  • Monthly Goals
  • Blog Post Schedule for Month
  • Youtube Schedule for Month
  • Month Task Plan
  • Idea Page for Future Content
  • Admin Plans for Blog/Youtube/Store
  • Stats 

I frequently update all of my pages but everyday I am writing in the monthly task plan, looking at things I need to do that day and adding in tasks for the entire month. I've even started writing in non blogging related tasks, just because it's working so well having everything I need to do on one platform! I love how you can see my though process through out the journal, the ideas I have for blog posts starting on one page then following into my task plan.

It's no where near filled yet as it's all a working process, pages half done which might not get filled until I reach September! I hope you enjoyed having a little peak into my bullet journal, it's super effective to keep yourself organised and if you're a blogger I recommend building your own journal if you haven't already! 

How do you keep organised?
If you want to see updates on my journal next month let me know!

Until next time,

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