Why I've Taken My Hair Extensions Out! And Negativity Over Twitter

21 Aug 2016

I feel like some people might look at today's post and say 'why is this worthy of a blog post?'. I've seen a lot of tweets recently questioning the content on bloggers and what they create, people commenting on how there are bigger things to blog about than just the latest makeup or clothing...which makes me feel a little guilty every time I publish a fashion or beauty post. Honestly, I feel that bloggers can write whatever they bloody well want. I know there are bigger problems at hand in the world, I know that some people do not care in the slightest about what Kat Von D is launching next, BUT if you want to create a blog post on something you love in your life, to heck what people think on twitter. Your blog shows your interests and if you're passionate about beauty products, you blog about it. People who love politics can talk about that on their blog, people who love the environment can blog about that on their blog. I have interests and worries that I never touch on here on heartshapedbones, which is another thing people have tweeted about recently, blogs can sometimes come across as perfect. People are only going to share their good moments on social media or their blogs, which questions the realness of the generation of bloggers. I want to be real here on my blog, so I'm making a blog post on something I want to ramble about without worrying about if people find it interesting. 

Ok so onto the blog post I wanted to write today, if you follow me over on social media or have seen any of my recent outfit posts, you'll probably be able to see that I no longer have long hair. Over a year ago I had an accident with some bleach, resulting in my pink hair snapping off and leaving me with the ugliest mullet known to man. I had to do something as it was making me so self conscience and I couldn't even got it up in a bobble, so I opted for micro loop hair extensions and they were the love of my life. Is that silly? I loved having hair extensions and they worked so well with my lifestyle, giving me a boost of confidence that I lost when having my hair snap off. They were easy to maintain and I found I made such a good relationship with my extension stylist, when the time came to getting a fresh pair after a year she introduced me to her own brand, which I reviewed here*.
This is where life started to change a little and the hair extensions just weren't fitting into my life. Shortly after getting new extensions I started working full time in a kitchen, so hello presto never having my hair down and getting incredibly sweaty in a hot kitchen in the middle of summer. I'd go home to be too tired to give my hair a brush, which you need to constantly with extensions. You're not allowed to have the extensions up tightly but I had to get it up somehow to fit into my kitchen hair net and hat...with this being full time it was 5 days a week, I hated how knotty it kept getting and finally I just had to take them out. 

I was so so nervous! I haven't had them out in over a year, my natural hair come be anything! Even if the layers still hadn't grown back, maintaining natural hair would be much more easier with how little time I had to do anything with it. I also have naturally curly hair, and with my hair getting longer, they just weren't blending well, like how my hair dresser styles them. Luckily my curls hide the choppy layers I have, but I absolutely love having my natural hair down! I can put half up which I never did with extensions AND tie it right up on my head without having to faff or worry that I was damaging anything.   

I do think I will get hair extensions again in the future, probably just clip in ones but who knows! Right now with the current job I have and how much I need to work, my natural style is good enough! I also want to dip dye them teal so badly, but I need a day off to even consider how I could do that from home myself. 

I hope you liked this post, just a short, quick one but I wanted to share with you why it looks like I have had a drastic hair change!

Until next time, 

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