26 Sep 2016

I absolutely love American Horror Story, I remember watching it all back when the first episode aired and I had no clue in the world what it was, but it was weird and I loved it! I was curled up at home, binge watching tv in the early hours of the morning and  there my love for this television show was born. American Horror Story is like no other, it's intense, complex and has me eager to see which actor's/actresses of the AHS cast will be playing characters in new seasons every time we find out the themes! If you haven't already I would invest your time into this series, it's scary, funny, intense and one huge mystery into how all of the seasons are starting to connect. Amazing. 
We're getting ourselves into season 6 as were now on the second episode, it's intriguing, I find myself heading to social media all the time to see what people thing, the theories, I need to know what new characters we can suspect to see, seeing as the cast stay the same each season but change their characters completely (you need to watch to understand, it's fantastic) Whilst looking at the characters I love, I thought why not better than to do a post on my favourite characters of the entire series! I took to twitter and asked you guys if you'd rather see my favourite moments of AHS or characers, so here is my favourite characters of all time on American Horror Story.


25 Sep 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! One factor I am loving about my new job is that I keep having Sunday off, next week I have all of the weekend off and it makes me want to cry because it’s never been a possibility before. I don’t worship weekends like a lot of nine till fivers, It’s just another day of the week for me, but a day which is rammed at work with tourists and customers (town is unbearable to walk through because York is a tourist city) so I’m quite thrilled to have a weekend off. I love my Sundays because I always feel so chilled but motivated to get stuff done, but I will remain in my pjs all day that is a promise. As I’ve been so busy with work and spending time with my boyfriend this week, I feel my schedule and presence on the internet has just fallen from the face of the earth this week, so to be able to get myself sorted today is also making me very happy! We’re coming to the end of September which means were getting more into my favourite time of the year and October is soon upon us and I have so much planned for my blog, I’m excited and next Friday I will be revealing everything you can expect to see here on Heartshapedbones because I’ve been SUPER organised with planning woo. Anyway, as I said were getting to the end of September and guiltily I’ll admit I have bought quite a bit of things this month…I’ve had little money with starting my new job which means new pay dates, etc, but I’ve somehow grown money out of thin air and bought some things which I thought I would share with you! 

My Favourite Palettes By Sleek Makeup / Beauty

21 Sep 2016

I feel like Sleek Makeup went from being a brand you browse but walk on by in Boots, to every blogger featuring their gorgeous highlighting palette and cheap matte liquid lipsticks which are FANTASTIC. I'm absolutely guilty of only becoming aware of Sleek after seeing a beauty blogger on Youtube rave about their golden highlighting palette (which is featured in this post) so I went out to my nearest Boots (a highstreet store in the UK that sells makeup/perfume/pharmacy bits) and decided to go for three palettes I had heard so much about! 

Outfit Of The Day: Unicorns! feat Sugarhill

19 Sep 2016

Hello hello, hope you're all having a productive Monday morning! No doubt you're all at work like I am myself, so to occupy your lunch break or relax time after work, here is the second part to the Sugarhill Boutique OOTD post I published last week! I mentioned at the end of that Outfit Of The Day that I would be doing another lookbook on the second item the brand kindly sent me, so let me introduce you to the cutest unicorn print dress you'll ever darn come across! 

Outfit Of The Day: Autumnal Florals feat Sugarhill

16 Sep 2016

Over the past two weeks I feel like I have been working non stop, I have a new job now and with it being full time in retail I've been working full,long days but luckily finishing before 7pm! I say luckily because that means I've been able to do so much with my time, see friends, get stuff done in the house, go out for meals with people who also have normal 9-5 jobs, or when my boyfriends finishes early, but a lot of the time also I've been exhausted to do anything but watch a film to fall asleep to. My blogging schedule has taken a hit whilst I get used to my new life schedule

My Ultimate Lipstick Picks for Autumn 2016

15 Sep 2016

One of the reasons I love this time of year is the switch from light summer makeup to deeper shades and thicker layers, the time where we can all put away the light lip gloss to bring out the blood red lipsticks! I LOVE dark lipsticks, I love to wear them to dress myself up, to work and casually just to add a little something else to my style. I wear a lot of dark clothing, so when I do wear something light or floral, especially with us just leaving summer, I feel more comfortable to express my dark side through my makeup. Thinking of dark shades I love reminds me of the warm feeling of hot drinks, cold brisk air and how the sun goes down so much sooner in the day so you get the sunset through the window at 6! Does that sound lame? That plum shades remind me of the season? Grunge eye shadow, dark lips, nudes and cold tone contouring shades! Bringing out products that have been sat to the side all summer, I thought I would share with you my favourite lipsticks which I think are perfect for the season! 

Simply Gothic Jewellery Haul

12 Sep 2016

I have a huge love for many things, sunshine, chocolate, black clothing, thing above the rest though is anything surrounding my favourite time of the year, Halloween. Last week the fabulous brand Simply Gothic got in touch with me and the moment they mentioned Halloween inspired Jewellery, I couldn't of been more eager to work with them! I wear Gothic jewellery year round, but with the leaves starting to fall as we're fresh into Autumn I thought Simply Gothic would be the perfect Autumnal brand to introduce on Heartshapedbones!

My Top Ten Favourite Blogs, September 2016

9 Sep 2016

Hello there everyone! These past couple of months I've really gotten into the swing of blogging full time, no longer having university hovering over my head to steal away all of my time. Last year my blog died the second September hit because I had my third year to dive into, but this time around I have so much more time to dedicate to blogging. I'm thrilled! With being so involved with my blog heartshapedbones, networking, communication with other bloggers, I find myself reading so many blogs in my spare time now, more than I used to which is awesome. Twitter is a wonderful platform to reach out to people and even find new blogs to read, and I thought I would share with you ten blogs I am absolutely loving at the moment and the amazing bloggers behind them. 

Outfit Of The Day: I Am The Space Queen

7 Sep 2016

Straight off the bat, one thing I have to say about this outfit is I feel like I'm recreating them 80's vibes, and I absolutely love it. This outfit happened whilst I was out browsing,

What I'm Excited For This Autumn! // Lifestyle 2016

5 Sep 2016

Image result for autumn

Happy Monday! This week is exciting for me as it's the first full week at my new job, I'm excited for all the new opportunities and it couldn't of come at a better time seeing as this time of year is my jam! It's no secret that I love autumn, I love the time of returning back to school, the crisp wind, leaves falling and the smell I can only associate with the outdoors! I don't know if that's because I grew up next to the woods, but for me the smell of pine needles and rotting leaves gives me goosebumps. I feel a huge serge of inspiration and creativity, I need new projects as this year will be the first that I'm finally out of education! Now that I won't be going back to university this year I can continue putting my creativity into my blog which I'm thrilled about, so why not start this week with a few things I'm looking forward to seeing as my favourite time of the year has finally arrived! 

SOAP AND GLORY: One Heck of a Blot Foundation Review!

4 Sep 2016

Hello lovely people, hope you're all having a very chilled Sunday! I definitely am, If you haven’t seen already over on my social media I got a new job, and because yesterday was my first short shift I have Sunday off and I can’t even remember the last time I had this glorious lazy day to myself! I start my full time contract Monday so I’m savoring my day off, but I thought I would do a little review post here on heartshapedbones because I've finally found a go to foundation that I need to rave about a little.

Why University Just Wasn't For Me // Real Talk #1

2 Sep 2016

Hello everyone! If you read my updates post last week you will of seen that I really wanted to start creating content on other subjects than just fashion, beauty, films, etc, I wanted to do a segment that was almost 'real talk'. I want to touch on current events, things that matter to my life and just get my opinion across that isn't on what I think to Nyx makeup (which you all know I love c'mon) so I thought I would literally call these posts 'real talks'! For my first post I really wanted to talk about university, then instantly I felt a huge UGH escape because quite honestly, I disliked going to university. There was certain aspects that I generally feel were a waste of my time and money, and others that have shaped me to be the person that I am today. This isn't a conclusion I'm just coming to, but I thought instead of chatting about how to get into university or any tips on how to live away at uni, I thought I would share with you why university just wasn't for me!