My Favourite Palettes By Sleek Makeup / Beauty

21 Sept 2016

I feel like Sleek Makeup went from being a brand you browse but walk on by in Boots, to every blogger featuring their gorgeous highlighting palette and cheap matte liquid lipsticks which are FANTASTIC. I'm absolutely guilty of only becoming aware of Sleek after seeing a beauty blogger on Youtube rave about their golden highlighting palette (which is featured in this post) so I went out to my nearest Boots (a highstreet store in the UK that sells makeup/perfume/pharmacy bits) and decided to go for three palettes I had heard so much about! 

I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette - A New Day

I didn't realize how many palettes there was apart of the I-Divine range until I was looking online! I went straight for the 'A New Day' palette because of the nude and brown shades, easy to mix into my current eye shadow routine as I always go for a brown and cream tone on my lid! I love the mixture of matte and shimmer shades, perfect for casual light looks with the amount of nude shades, the darker shades allowing me to darken up my look for the night. I love an all in one palette, especially with us diving into Autumn/Winter the colder tones will be used in my every day makeup! At only £8.99 the palette is a great value for money, highly pigmented and easy to blend!

Solstice Highlighting Palette 

Hello the palette that has constantly been sold out and all the bloggers have snatched up! I am in love with this palette due to how pigment it is and the unique highlighting shades which I've never come across before. I've only had a yellow toned highlight before so to have a violet, orange and pink shade?! This highlighting palette is the absolute bomb. The solstice palette creates an amazing sheen to the skin, the powders holding the touch of the colour that you can see in the light! There is such a variety to this palette with two baked powders, a cream formula and a silky shimmer, all perfect for both summer and winter because you can either go for a warm glow or a icy shimmer (the violet shade is of course my favourite). I was a little hesitant at first with the powder shades but they blend incredibly well, using a fan brush to lightly add highlight to my cheeks as the shades are so pigmented!

Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

As I had bought the powder highlight palette, I also wanted to try out their velvet cream formula! The precious metals palette had my attention straight away as the shades look as if they can give you a natural glow, which from using it pretty much daily I can confirm it does! the texture is so soft and as it's the first time I've ever used a cream highlight, I think it may be my favourite as it's so easy to blend into my foundation! The four shades look metallic almost but are more of a subtle highlight, very creamy as there's a golden tone, silver/pink shade and a darker shade which can definitely be used to bronze! I usually use the lightest cream to apply to my nose, eyelids whilst the more golden tone to blend into my cheek bones. The bronze is perfect as a light touch. 

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with Sleek Makeup! They're such a reasonably priced brand which offer amazingly pigmented products that I am using every day in my makeup routine! I know this was quite a short post but I just wasn't to share with you guys the palettes as I can't stop using them, they're super cheap so if you're wanting a highlighting palette I seriously suggest investing in the Solstice palette! 

Is there any Sleek additions you think I should try out? Let me know in the comments! 

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