26 Sept 2016

I absolutely love American Horror Story, I remember watching it all back when the first episode aired and I had no clue in the world what it was, but it was weird and I loved it! I was curled up at home, binge watching tv in the early hours of the morning and  there my love for this television show was born. American Horror Story is like no other, it's intense, complex and has me eager to see which actor's/actresses of the AHS cast will be playing characters in new seasons every time we find out the themes! If you haven't already I would invest your time into this series, it's scary, funny, intense and one huge mystery into how all of the seasons are starting to connect. Amazing. 
We're getting ourselves into season 6 as were now on the second episode, it's intriguing, I find myself heading to social media all the time to see what people thing, the theories, I need to know what new characters we can suspect to see, seeing as the cast stay the same each season but change their characters completely (you need to watch to understand, it's fantastic) Whilst looking at the characters I love, I thought why not better than to do a post on my favourite characters of the entire series! I took to twitter and asked you guys if you'd rather see my favourite moments of AHS or characers, so here is my favourite characters of all time on American Horror Story.

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Tate Langdon is probably one of the most complex characters on the entire show, he's twisted, so very twisted, a killer, but he has a completely different side which is vulnerable, a deep romantic and so protective of a girl named Violet on the first season, Murder House. Played by Evan Peters (massive babe which is probably why I love Tate so much) I feel like Peters looks so young in comparison to the older characters he continues to play, but it adds to how much I love Tate. Major Kurt Cobain feels which is mentioned in the show to describe Tate, but seeing as he's meant to scream kid from the 90's, I feel like his character is portrayed perfectly by Peters. I mean don't get me wrong, going back to how evil Tate is, it just makes his character so intriguing because you fear, love, hate him all at once. 

So Lana Banana has to be my favourite character of Sarah Paulsons, she plays so many strong woman characters, but with Lana being a series lead, I find myself hooked to her character in Asylum. Lana is a reporter who wants the latest scoop on Briarcliff Mental Institution so tries to break in, but finds herself being kept there captive as a patient by the head Nun who runs the institution. Jessica Lange's character (the Nun) threatens to expose Lana for a Lesbian, also giving her the nickname Lana Banana which sticks through the entire season. Set in the 60's, everything about Lana screams American 1960's journalists. Shes one tough cookie.

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Jessica Lange for me is American Horror Story, sadly with her leaving the show I thought it would all go down hill, but I've been pleasantly surprised! What I love is how she always plays a leader, an empowering, leading woman who always has the best lines. Constance Langdon for example is so sassy, the strong woman next door who seems to have known the world and all aspects of it. She bad, as twisted as her son Tate in some aspects but I still find her character hilarious. When the first season Murder House came out I was captivated with Constance, she was at the core of anything bad that happened whether she was helping or not, she always knew what was going on (as she was always involved some way). 

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This is the first character played by the actress Angela Bassett in the season Coven and her character literally gives me life as she's a bad ass, sassy Voodoo Queen. She's immortal, playing a part in flash backs of the past and also the present day as she is the enemy, later ally with the witches. Her character is as strong as that of Jessica Lange, strong, independent and holds so a great deal of power that you almost wish Voodoo was real. She enhances the authenticity of the culture AHS is creating, which I think gives Coven such an awesome atmosphere as they're focusing in on new Orleans. 

Sally is a ghost junkie that features in Hotel the fifth season, played by Paulson, Sarah to me reminds me of a Tate as she has complex problems as a character who entices people to their death. She plays a big role in main characters story line, whether it's why their in the hotel or she's with them through out the series plot line. Sally needs someone to love her, she's alone so she acts out in twisted ways, but what I really love about Sally how in the end it takes her becoming Instagram famous to have a happy life. Yep. That's right, she becomes big on the internet and her life is turned around from doing drugs with people in the hotel to kill them off, to getting thousands of likes on Instagram whilst she's hanging around the hotel with her ghost friends who are her family, sober. 

I don't technically love Delphine Lalaurie as she's based on a real character who was a serial killer, she killed her black slaves, her history shown in Coven, but it's Kathy Bate's portrayal that makes her one of my favourites. Despite her character being an utter monster, Bates plays a role which is stuck in the past, she has enemies, no knowledge of the future, so when she meets a tv she's mortified. Its hilarious, and characters go out of their way to punish her for the lifestyle she leads. She's an enemy who you want to rout for when shes vulnerable, but then you remember shes a monster and laugh as her she's chopped up into parts and becomes a talking head. I think what makes her a favourite character is definitely how she brings humor to the season, whilst being a big part to the plot line. 

One characters story line I loved in the season Hotel was that of the transgender character Liz Taylor, played by Denis O Hare who plays such versatile characters in each season. You go through Liz's transformation with her as her character develops before your eyes, being taken in by Gaga's character to start a new life. This is another character who's at the heart of everything in each episode, drama, murder, jokes and I feel like Liz is the heart of the hotel. 

You can of course recognize this character, it's Lady Gaga's big first involvement into the American Horror Stories world as the countess! Not only is the countless fabulous, powerful, timeless, it's Lady Gaga! I love Gaga's character because of what she brings to the plot line of Hotel, you see her history, therefore showing us different time periods and she of course is the source of all the drama in the hotel. She's a vampire, she needs blood to survive and therefore is the cause of so many murders on the show. Whether it's other characters bringing her humans or she goes out on the town to feed, I loved seeing such a 'dracula' figure in one of my favourite shows. 

Mr March and Gaga go hand in hand, as Mr March is the owner of the hotel in of course season Hotel. I was waiting all summer to see who Evan Peters would play, and it's one of the most serious roles he's ever played! Mr March is a serial killer, he built his hotel by killing off builders as he had them create hidden corridors, rooms and shoots for dead bodies. He's a ghost in the hotel and whilst shadowing his wife the countess, he hosts living dead parties on Halloween, the one night in the AHS world where the dead can walk free. He has serial killers come for dinner, and that is my favourite element about Mr March. He's cold, classic, smart as a 1920's figure. 

I battle with characters played by Lily Rabe because I love them in each season, I fall in love with all of them because of how interesting they are as woman! I could of easily put all of her characters into this list, so I thought long, and Nora Montgomery has to be my top pick lady! Nora is where everything starts to get weird in Murder house, she's the wife of a man who built the house, a doctor who developed a Frankenstein complex and ends up putting their babies body parts together to create a monster. She turns up at the house in present day because she is a ghost of the house after blowing her brains out, disappearing after scaring the owner of the house who later finds a photo of the first owners, putting the pieces together that she was indeed a ghost! I love how intense her story line is, it added an almost 'scary story' to the first season as we're told about the ghosts.  

Last but not least, the only reason I watched Freak show all the way through is Dandy Mott. An absolute psychopath, spoiled little 1930's rich boy and he also decides to slaughter alot of people. He's insane, wanting power and whatever he desires. He wishes to follow the killer clown in town and is inspired by his killings, so he decides to do the same. I really thought he brought something exciting to Freak show which for me wasn't as good as the other seasons. 

So, who are your favourite characters from American Horror Story? I'm excited for the new seasons to get going to see all the new characters I'm sure I will love! It's already scary and intense, just what I love from AHS.

Thankyou for reading, 
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