Outfit Of The Day: Autumnal Florals feat Sugarhill

16 Sept 2016

Over the past two weeks I feel like I have been working non stop, I have a new job now and with it being full time in retail I've been working full,long days but luckily finishing before 7pm! I say luckily because that means I've been able to do so much with my time, see friends, get stuff done in the house, go out for meals with people who also have normal 9-5 jobs, or when my boyfriends finishes early, but a lot of the time also I've been exhausted to do anything but watch a film to fall asleep to. My blogging schedule has taken a hit whilst I get used to my new life schedule
because when I've sat down to write, I've instantly fallen asleep. My bad. It's the first time in months I've not published a post on my usual upload days, and that stressed me out a little because it's made me feel so unorganised with my blog! Currently as I write this the day before it's being published for you guys to see, I'm unfortunately rushing everything into my day off because it's the only day I'm feeling motivated to get it all done. I've finally got the time to schedule everything for rest of the week and next, but I knows if I don't get it done today then it'll all have to wait till Sunday and I don't want to spend another one of my days off stress blogging? Ah, of course I am putting this strain on myself to keep up my blogging schedule, if I don't want to post I should have to? But I love making content, I love updating my blog regularly to share with you all, especially when I want to make heartshapedbones into a career! But yes, what this ramble is trying to say is I'm sorry if I've been all over the place with updating especially on twitter (if you've not even noticed that's great ignore everything and continue reading with this knowledge dismissed) I'm getting used to work full time so I will be better! Onto my OOTD...

Sugarhill Boutique are a British brand located in Brighton, who add a modern twist to our favourite classic styles with their unique prints created by their own designers! I love hand drawn printed clothing as it makes them one of a kind, so when Sugarhill got in touch and wanted me to add my own style to some of their pieces, I couldn't of been more ecstatic! 
With Autumn fast approaching I thought this Floral print wrap dress* would be a perfect piece to help me transition from summer to the AW16 fashion trends, the retro floral print holding the perfect colours for autumn. September this year isn't so cold so a wrap dress is incredibly easy to style, keeping me cool in the sunshine but the material is thick enough for when the cold chill starts to come through! To me the floral print is incredibly vintage but it also reminds me of a 1970's wall paper, unlike anything I've seen in the high street stores at this time of year. I love how this wrap fits my body so I'm happy to of found a new style of dress which suits me!


When it came to adding my own style, I was in awe of this dress so much I really wanted to keep it simple. I felt incredibly vintage with it on so I thought I would dress myself to match, simple small heels which aren't too chunky to distract from the dress, and a thin strap watch with a large face (on trend as this is a modern twist on a classic). I don't think I own a wrap dress so I loved to dress this piece with my own style, I want it to look fun but sophisticated, perfect for going out or roaming around in this strange September heat that we're having. As for my makeup I went with a deep red lip which is a Nyx Liquid suede, a thick cat eyeliner and a subtle brown eye. 

I am in love with how individual the hand drawn designs are over at Sugarhill, and if you want pieces which are completely unique definitely check them out! I want to say a huge thankyou to the brand for sending me the perfect autumn dress and I CANT wait to dress it up differently when it gets a little colder. I did also receive another dress which I will be styling in another post, so keep your eyes out for another cute print dress!

What prints would you love to see for the warmer seasons next year? I would love to see seaside style ideas such as shells, mermaids, etc! 

Until next time guys,

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post styling the product myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The item I received for free is marked with a *.

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