SOAP AND GLORY: One Heck of a Blot Foundation Review!

4 Sept 2016

Hello lovely people, hope you're all having a very chilled Sunday! I definitely am, If you haven’t seen already over on my social media I got a new job, and because yesterday was my first short shift I have Sunday off and I can’t even remember the last time I had this glorious lazy day to myself! I start my full time contract Monday so I’m savoring my day off, but I thought I would do a little review post here on heartshapedbones because I've finally found a go to foundation that I need to rave about a little.

Over 2016 I’ve repurchased this foundation three times now, so it’s safe to say I’ve really got to know this product. I love Soap & Glory, their range isn’t too expensive and if you consider them to be pricey, they’re such good value for money! The quality is awesome, my favourite product having to be the ‘One heck of a blot – all day liquid to power – foundation’! It’s a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle, which is what attracted me to purchase it the first time around because it holds so many promises! Shine bloc, 12 hour long wear technology, full coverage with no cakiness, at the time I really needed a liquid foundation to wow me and I couldn’t of come across one heck of a block at a more perfect time! I went for the lightest shade 'fair enough' which is almost like a pale warm tone, perfect for my skin as I do have a yellowish tint with a slight natural tan. For me the shade of foundation is perfect, but for anyone who wants a cool tone I wouldn’t recommend it!

Firstly, the coverage is AMAZING. A little squirt of product goes a long way, I literally will only pump not even twice sometimes to cover my face with just one layer. It blends super well with my concealer AND actually gives me a look of moisture to my skin which I'm happy with. Adding powder immediately turns it matte which I've found makes the foundation last longer, and I've worn it through hard, hot shifts in a kitchen for hours without it smudging. Using such little product is perfect for summer and also winter, even if you use more product it never looks caked on. Luckily this shade is so close to my skin colour that blending into my neck is so easy, even when I barely pay attention to that area of my face there never is that dreaded makeup line! I think the only down side to this product is once the pump stops grabbing product from inside the tube, there is still so much product left inside. After a few months I always have to remove the pump and get the foundation out with a small brush or using the pump to fish for it, which is super annoying because the product then lasts a good few more months! Easily fixed if the pump's tube was longer.

(I have the foundation on the right sided of my face)

As you can see the foundation really covers any red blotches I have, especially on my eyelids, nose and cheeks! My skin is combination but this foundation would be perfect for oily skin, it covers blemishes and pours without any build up on those areas! I do look a little like an alien as I don't have any other product on like my eyebrows or mascara, but you can see the difference it makes in my skin over the natural side. For once I wish I had a spot so I could show you guys how just one layer really covers everything, but were in that seasonal time which my skin calms down for. For only £12 you get such a good amount of product to last you months, this has to be an essential for any ones makeup bag! 

Have you tried the Soap & Glory one heck of a blot? What did you think?

Until next time guys,

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