What I'm Excited For This Autumn! // Lifestyle 2016

5 Sept 2016

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Happy Monday! This week is exciting for me as it's the first full week at my new job, I'm excited for all the new opportunities and it couldn't of come at a better time seeing as this time of year is my jam! It's no secret that I love autumn, I love the time of returning back to school, the crisp wind, leaves falling and the smell I can only associate with the outdoors! I don't know if that's because I grew up next to the woods, but for me the smell of pine needles and rotting leaves gives me goosebumps. I feel a huge serge of inspiration and creativity, I need new projects as this year will be the first that I'm finally out of education! Now that I won't be going back to university this year I can continue putting my creativity into my blog which I'm thrilled about, so why not start this week with a few things I'm looking forward to seeing as my favourite time of the year has finally arrived! 

1.  Halloween decor starts to appear in stores
I did try to re frame myself from putting this as my first point, but I'm too excited that I'm not going to lie to you all! What really makes me feel like it's autumn is the second the Halloween sections start to pop up everywhere, when I was younger it was always ASDA, but now having my own home to decorate, I know which stores to check out for all the best bits! Forgetting the cheesy stuff, I love the vintage looking decor that remind me of a witch's kitchen, wooden signs, skull candles, table cloths that I'll keep on my side all year round. 

2. Mustard jumpers & Woolen coats
Last Autumn the colour mustard became huge, all year I've seen fashion pieces of the colour mustard which have been incredibly cute and vintage! I only bought a couple of pieces when the trend began to grow, so I'm excited to actually have money this year to hunt down some gems! Deep burgundy and olive green too, exploring with my personal style is going to make this seasonal change perfect!

3. The Blogger Blog Awards Event
This point is incredibly specific but I'm so excited for the Bloggers Blog Award that is happening this October, I bought my ticket last week and with the event only being in Leeds I'm super excited that it's an easy possibility for me to go! Leeds is only £8 on the train, I can't go wrong! I've gotten back into blogging this year and with my own blog growing rapidly, Autumn looks promising for the content I will be creating! I'm super excited to meet all the bloggers I've been fan girling about on twitter for months!

4. Darker Makeup 
As someone who loves to wear dark lipstick and smoky eye shadow, I'm thrilled that Autumn is back! Sometimes in Summer I'll always want to add a casual purple lip or verging on black eyeshadow, but with the sunshine beaming down, I always gravitate away from it, just so I don't sweat it all off. Finally I can get my thicker foundation out and constantly wear a dark red lip and I'm immensely happy about that. I can have dark nails too, without looking too much of a witch!

5. All the hot drinks
I wish I was that person who is like AUTUMN = STARBUCKS SPICE LATTES, SPICE LATTES, SPICE LATTES!! But I've never had one and I don't drink coffee, but I am excited for all the other hot drinks that become acceptable to drink whilst strolling through the streets of York! Hot chocolates or even the occasional Mocha or Frappe, I love to have that nice warm coming from a take away cup as I window shop ready for Christmas.

6. Autumn Candles
I have a number of Yankee Candles, some specifically Halloween themed that I am itching to burn as they're perfect for the colder seasons! Musky, smoky or spiced smelling candles are y favourite to get out in Autumn, even better are melts so that you can swap and switch into your melt burner whenever you please. I always find the best candles at TK Maxx or Home Sense! 

7. Films
With the weather getting colder, I tend to snuggle up more in Autumn and watch some good old classic films! I'm always open to new films, but it's the old favourites which I love to pull out. Focusing more on October, televisions start to show horror films daily and Netflix always updates itself with the perfect selection of films for Halloween! 

8. Jgdrawings
A slight self promotion but Autumn has always been my most popular time of the year for my store, I feel so inspired to create artwork that I love as I always create my favourite film characters, Halloween related of course ready for a huge sale I have at the end of October! I'm also making Classic Horror character dolls this year, so keep your eyes peeled for the release of my new website!

Lush always releases some fantastic products around this time of year, perfect to protect your skin against the cold, which I need as my skin starts to instantly become dry! I purchased my favourite Lord of Misrule last year and the Nightwing Jelly, so I'm hoping I can pick these up again and look into other products that they may release! 

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10. Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!
I don't necessarily mean the actual day, but I love everything surrounding Halloween. I love that you can visit pumpkin patches to create Jack-O-Lanterns, theme parks that have Halloween events, film nights and parties! I really want to do more this year as I finally have  the time now that I'm no longer at university, fingers crossed I can find a pumpkin patch or maze to have fun at! 

What are you excited for this Autumn? Give me some ideas of things I can do this Halloween!

Until next time guys,