Why University Just Wasn't For Me // Real Talk #1

2 Sept 2016

Hello everyone! If you read my updates post last week you will of seen that I really wanted to start creating content on other subjects than just fashion, beauty, films, etc, I wanted to do a segment that was almost 'real talk'. I want to touch on current events, things that matter to my life and just get my opinion across that isn't on what I think to Nyx makeup (which you all know I love c'mon) so I thought I would literally call these posts 'real talks'! For my first post I really wanted to talk about university, then instantly I felt a huge UGH escape because quite honestly, I disliked going to university. There was certain aspects that I generally feel were a waste of my time and money, and others that have shaped me to be the person that I am today. This isn't a conclusion I'm just coming to, but I thought instead of chatting about how to get into university or any tips on how to live away at uni, I thought I would share with you why university just wasn't for me!

I want to start with a positive, despite not loving university I did really enjoy finally moving to a new city and living as an adult! I feel that I've really grown in the space of three years, enough so that I decided to stay in the city after university and move in with my boyfriend! I got myself a part time job which is now my full, I've done so much with the love and support of people I met only from coming away to university! I'll give uni that, it's given me this life which I love which people I would never of come across if I had stayed at home. I adapted really well to working, living with friends and paying bills, it all fell natural and I never did anything crazy for anyone to worry about. I made myself a home at university which is strange as usually you have the typical student digs, but our house was a warm place I loved to cuddle up in on the sofa with my bestfriends and chill. None of this partying. I doubt even if I had been more social at uni I still wouldn't of liked the experience. 

I don't know why I ever decided to go to York St John, I applied for all illustration courses apart from the Fine Art at York. I really wanted to live in the city more than care for the course, from my interview it sounded like I would be able to draw to my hearts content! Which was a total lie. I remember showing one of my tutors in my interview loads of digital artwork to which he said they did so much of it daily on the course, but actually in class when one girl described one of her pieces which was a digital painting, she was mocked by the very same tutor because no one understand what she meant by digital! ON PHOTOSHOP. IT WAS DONE WITH A DIGITAL PEN ON PHOTOSHOP. I could of screamed, but that doesn't even start to describe the problems I had. I will openly admit to anyone that it was the course I really didn't like. The university was small, limited really as alot of my lectures in first year were in a bloody cold room filled with comptures (even though we didn't use them we only used the floor to see if we could draw a perfect circle on big paper. are you kidding me 9 grand a year for this?) First year really put me off. I really liked the written part however and the binders we were given to read, but the practical was so basic and consisted of workshops with a dozen different tutors (all who left after first year) and it never went anywhere. We learnt photography one day and never touched on it again, so I don't understand what they expected in our journals. 
I pretty much told me mum all year that I wanted to quit. If it wasn't for my house mate who I am happy to call one of my bestfriends, I probably would of quit. I wasn't being challenged at all. I want to say second year got better, but it really didn't.

The difference in second year was probably that I started to know what I really wanted out of university, and I could make it happen right there and then. Whilst putting together a project at university and writing essays, I finally opened my online store Jgdrawings and it got so much attention straight away! I also got a part time job, so if I wasn't at university I was drawing for my store, at work or with my boyfriend at the time. Again university took a turn for the worst and because I never wanted to be there, I really felt left out. I didn't feel close to anyone and it was all my fault really, but again all year I told my Mum I wanted to just be done with it. I passed second year with an over all 2:1 and felt nothing about it.
 I was dreading third year, which actually turned out to be my best year! We finally had a tutor who cared, I made friends with the girls at university and they were so supportive and awesome! I wish them all the best I really do. I cared about my project and dissertation, I found what I really wanted to do and I can't even begin to find out where it all came from as it was such a turn around from my previous two years. I did my very best and came out with 0.30 marks off a first! THATS NOT EVEN HALF A MARK. How cruel. But over all a 2:1 is amazing, and despite disliking university I'm happy I did it. 

I feel that university is really hyped up to be something that it's not, if you're not involved in the party scene than you tend to rely on the academic side to fuel you. I did, but with the course not being for me I really struggled to maintain a happiness with what I was doing. All I want to push with this post is make sure you're doing a course which you absolutely love. I envy people who loved their course at university, people who want to go into teaching or child care! They seem to be so driven because they have an end goal, where as I did what I wanted to do outside of university...so really did I need to go to university? I've opened my online store and blog all on my own without that degree...I think why university just wasn't for me is because I started to achieve so many things I want to do in life without university. If anything it got in my way when it came down to wanting to make my own style of art for Jgdrawings. 

 I feel so bad to say this but if it wasn't for my Mum wan't me to go, I would not be fussed in the slightest to miss graduation. I feel like it's going to be money I don't have and time off work I also don't have...all for a day celebration finishing a course I hated from the first day? I'll end on that note.

Did you go to university? What was your experience? 

Until next time guys, I will be posting regular 'Real Talk' posts so keep your eyes peeled! I will have a button on my side bar which will take you to the real talk page if you want to keep up with posts! Thankyou,