14 Oct 2016

Hello all of the fashion related title photographs this week! It's been a long time since I've done a fashion review type post, I constantly share with you how I style certain pieces in my Outfit of the days, but I don't think I've sat down to review a certain piece in ages. I really wanted to do a different type of post still focusing on fashion, but twisting my usual ways of just putting up a lookbook. Today I'm introducing the brand Punk Rave to my blog, an online store which offers Gothic and alternative clothing. They got in touch and so kindly set me a piece to style, this Gothic lacy, rose imprinted top* with flared bell sleeves soon becoming the love of my life!

I felt like this was an easy piece to style in with my wardrobe seeing as I always sway to wearing black, so it felt pointless to show you the piece with a black skirt or trousers because I think it goes without saying that's how you would dress it. Long skirt, short skirt, baggy trousers, skinny trousers, I felt I would wear it with basics so I've kept the main focus on the top. The first point I want to mention is sizing, this size Medium fitting me skin tight, so I would gravitate to the next size up if purchasing anything from Punk Rave. I usually go for an extra small or small if I want some room in my tops, so I'm curious to see how a Small from the brand would sit on a frame like mine! This piece is incredibly feminine and actually comes in the opposite style, the second version being red all over with the black laced throw over style shoulder material. I love how it's fixed to wrap around your shoulders and ties at the front with a material rose and bow! I also have a fear with Gothic pieces that they'll look too overly dressed, but I'm stunned at how beautiful this top is. The lace makes it so...feminine in a gothy/vintage way.

Look at me thinking I'm Lily Munster.

What I think makes this piece so unique is the embellishments to what would be a basic top, the bell sleeves having an extra layer just to give it more frill. This pieces come in two alternating colours, the top itself being red with the black cape feature, and this top which is the other way around. I love it! You can see the deep red coming out in the under layer on the sleeves and the wrap on the shoulders, that second colour making it much more interesting to wear. I always wear black so it makes a lovely change to have something different in my wardrobe, which is still Gothic. Punk Rave has it's own section on the website for Gothic pieces! I'm in heaven. The price range varies from being overly expensive but the quality is worth every penny, this top itself being just under £50 but the material is super soft and fits just right to my body.  

For this look I decided to have fun with my makeup and create an incredibly vampy look, which I think goes great with the garment! A smoky eye using my Venus palette and a deep red shade in the Nyx Liquid Suede range. To add a hint of vintage I twisted and pinned the sides of my hair up for a smooth effect!

What do you think to Punk Rave?
Thankyou so much to the brand for sending me this beautiful piece and I hope you enjoyed this fashion review! If you like the style of post let me know and I can do more, or I can stick to my lookbooks!

Until next time,

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