10 Oct 2016

Hello lovely people, I am so excited for this post because it's the first to come of many this month because it just so happens to be my favourite time of the year! I take October very seriously for a number of reasons, but at the end of it all we get to dress up like horror characters because it's Halloween! I usually do a number of things leading up to it, decorate the house with Halloween d├ęcor, film Halloween looks for my channel, create Halloween art for my store and this year I'm also creating dolls to sell! Last year I dived straight into makeup tutorials and posted a number on my blog too, but I really don't think I can do them as good of quality as other bloggers/youtubers, so I thought I would stick to what I know best, and that's fashion. This year I will be posting a number of lookbooks inspired by our favourite Halloween ladies, almost like cosplay and hopefully it'll give you all some ides on what to dress up for on Halloween! The first look I've tackled is my FAVOURITE dark lady and it's Lydia Deetz from the film Beetlejuice.

So for me putting together a Lydia Deetz look was pretty easy, especially when I already had the black clothing and accessories. The makeup itself too was very straight forward. To start with I focused on the face and wanted to keep it bare minimum, applying my normal shade of foundation, concealer, etc, because I use a very light shade to begin with. It's all about the 'tired' look for Lydia, her eyes in the movie are shallow with deep purple, as if she is apart of the walking dead. I used a cold shade of brown for my contouring and used it on the eye too, bringing out down the bridge of my nose and under my eyes, quite messily because it's meant to deepen Lydia's eyelids. She's meant to be quite a young girl so I didn't add anything special like highlighting nor lipstick. For the hair of course I did her iconic spikey fringe.

Clothing wise I meant for Lydia's look when she first appears at the house, looking up with her camera to snap a photograph of the two ghosts lurking in the tower. She has a huge floppy hat, which unfortunately I only had this smaller one, but still the idea is there. She's wearing basic black with some lace, and a string bow tied for a necklace, which I managed to replicate! I dug out this Gothic jumper because I thought the lace material would look perfect, as well as a long skirt because Lydia seems to wear a lot of long black layers. I have a number of old film cameras so I went for this bulky one, which is the first ever film camera I owned as a child! Apart from the camera, all these items were bought from high street stores so you can in fact find cheap, normal clothing to cosplay with or use to dress up for Halloween!


I hope you enjoyed this fun Lookbook, with Halloween coming up soon I plan to be doing a number of them so I hope you do like them. Any Gothic ladies you want me to dress up for a lookbook? Let me know if theres any Halloween characters you want me to see create!

Until next time guys,