17 Oct 2016

Greetings! Todays post is another in my Halloween Lookbook series and I'm incredibly excited because it so happens to be my favourite goth lady. I watched the Addams Family film series over and over when I was a child, I can quote both films and all my family tend to buy me film related gifts for my birthday! I got the DVDs from my brother last Christmas, Wednesday Addams clothing, my Dad often gives me Roses with the heads cut off, and I have a running joke about Debbie with my siblings. I hold Morticia close to my heart so I definitely had to include her in my Halloween Outfit of the Day series.

I was really conflicted to which Morticia character I wanted to portray, the old fashioned Morticia from the television show, or the babe Anjelica Huston from the Addams Family values! I went for the latter but decided to add a little vibe from the television show with having some of my photographs in black and white when it came to editing! I love how comedic Morticia can be, even her walk gives me a smile as she seems to float. I started this look off with playing around with the makeup, I thought it would be the tricky part as my features are incredibly different to Hustons. I used a touch of grey to my contouring, paying attention to the nose and cheeks as I want to make them look really slimmed, almost boney. For the eyes I layed up shades ranging from white to black, a base of grey to blend it into a smoky effect. I've used a silver toned highlight for the corners of my eyes and cheek bones, Morticia always looks asif she has her own spotlight for her face, so I've tried to place my highlighter in those areas. I finished it off with a deep red lip and a wig! I know the wig isn't black, but it's as close as I could get it.


Clothing wise I went for a piece I own which is incredibly similar to the dress Morticia wears, it has a low triangle cut collar and long bell sleeves! I love these sleeves, they make me feel so witchy. It has a wrap around feature to bring in the waist, perfect for Morticia as she has such a beautiful slim, hour glass figure.

I hope you're enjoying my Halloween Outfit looks! Any suggestions on who I should do this month? Let me know!

Until next time guys,