31 Oct 2016

I would start this post off with saying happy Monday, but it so happens to be my favourite time of the year so HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY! It's finally here! I've been so excited this entire month, writing Halloween posts, making my own costume, creating lookbooks, I'm so happy the day is finally here! I love Halloween for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason for me has to be the movies. I love Halloween films, not scary but the ones like Beetlejuice, The Addams family, Tim Burton films, I grew up with them all, so when it came to coming up with a costume idea for the big day, I decided to go with my favourite spooky lady; Lydia Deetz!

I love the film Beetlejuice, it's kooky, including ghosts, Michael Keaton, a young Winona Ryder, it's a complete 90's film and definitely was a film I watched on repeat growing up. I've always fantasized about the red dress Ryder's character wears when she's being forced to marry Beetlejuice, so this year I thought I would go all out and finally recreate the look! I searched Ebay and had no look finding anything like it, so I decided to put my sewing skills to work and create the dress myself! I ordered all the odd bits like the top and skirt, but I created all the frills myself and the lace accessories.

Over at my day job we're doing Halloween fancy dress which I'm so excited about! I am...worried about how hot I'm going to be working in a wig and full length skirt, but I'm so excited at the same time because everyone is going to look so awesome! I've been excited all weekend to see people put up their snaps on IG of their fancy dress, so definitely let me know down below what you're planning on dressing up as! On the evening I plan to have a good old movie night and I actually think I may go for some scary options, just for something different.

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween!

Until next time guys,

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