My Current Favourite Things in October 2016

28 Oct 2016

Hello lovelies! I've tried to save money over the last two months but I don't think I was very successful, these items featuring in my favourites almost being proof of where my money went! With Autumn finally being here I've found myself putting away the summer products, reaching for warmer pieces of clothing and skincare which is going to keep my skin protected from the cold air. Luckily or perhaps more strangely the weather this October still hasn't been too bad, it is getting cold and we've had the odd spell of rain, but the cold breeze is barely there! With it being my favourite time of the year I have found some more cool Halloween bits to add to my collection and I've also worked with some cool brands I'm excited to share with you!

Halloween Décor - I also buy my spooky bits from the same stores, but I never think to go into the cheaper places, this cute Frankenstein pot tea light holder being from Poundland!!! It was £1, I was drooling over how many things I could pick up and not feel as if I had given my life savings into one spooky snow globe. They had a number or pot based décor, pumpkins, ghosts, little cute yawning ghosts which look more like an anime character! I love little finds, so unexpected but perfect to bring out every year. 

Onesies to keep me snuggly - I love nothing better than jumping into a fluffy onesie and cuddling up to Joel on the sofa whilst we watch a film, I never got into the funny side of onesies until I saw this perfect Unicorn outfit! This Unicorn onesie is apart of a Halloween series launched by H&M and I went crazy, now I can lounge around looking like a fabulous mythical creature every day. It's come at a perfect time when instead of putting the heating on I can put on this extra layer, until of course in Winter I'll have to put on the heating, but the onesie will still stay!

Skin Care - I was introduced to Bee Good skincare as they were a gift which I won at the bloggers blog awards, but now I've seen how good their products are I won't be going back! They're a guarantee to making my skin feel great, the two products I've fallen over heels for are the primer and moisturiser, which both smell like sprite! Yep the drink, I expect there to be a fizz or tingle to my skin but it is strictly the scent. The primer really makes a difference to how my makeup sets and the plump & firm moisturiser not only gives my skin a slight glow but it feels genuinely 110% better. My skin feels refreshed and well yeah, instantly plumper!

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist - I've tried moisturizing sprays before and I've not liked them one bit, but this balancing mist!!! When my skin feels on fire from cleansing or tight, this spray leaves my skin feeling so gentle and refreshed again. I love the smell of rose water as it reminds me so much of when my Grandma and I tried to make Rose perfume in the bathroom sink! There's nothing better than feeling hydrated on the face.

New Brands - I'm happy to share that I've been working with Stylewe again, their brand being no new comer to my blog because I have reviewed their garments before! I love everything about their clothing, it's easy to dress up or down their smart clothing and they also work with designers to offer ranges on their website! They sent me this beautiful white dress which may not be suitable for the colder months, but it looks darn cute with my big fluffy coats.

American Horror Story - 10 points to Griffindor if you guessed my pot doll is Evan Peters from the first season Murder House! I've been religiously watching the new season Roanoke of AHS each week, loving it is an understatement because it's incredible. Without giving any spoilers I've really loved the character Peters is portraying this season round, there is major twists and each character has such depths, but he blows me away with how his characters are becoming so different from the teenage blonde boy in Murder house.

Artwork - This month of Jgdrawings I've taken to the season and I've been drawing up new prints inspired by Halloween a little and making hand stitched dolls! They're inspired by my favourite characters, this being Lydia from Beetlejuice who is my main gothy gal.

Clothing - I've loved this month for clothing because not only have we been blessed with Autumn fashion, but Halloween special bits have been popping up all over the shops! I wanted to treat myself to both so I thought I would get something a little fun which is the skeleton jumper only a couple of pounds!!!! and a smart dress for work, which has a vintage style, the neckline being completely 1950's and bell sleeves!

Last but not least, my sister bought me one of the mermaid knitted blankets which have been circling the internet! I haven't actually feel anyone sporting one, so when my sister turned up on my door step with one for me, I was practically dancing around her with it in the air! I love it, it's super comfy and I always appreciate something hand knitted!
What are some of your favourite things  this month? As I've shared my Halloween favourites I didn't want to overwhelm you with lots of spooky things so here is some of my normal faves!

Until next time guys,

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