My Favourite Scary Movies

21 Oct 2016

I want to put something straight away right on the table. I am an absolute wuss and I hate horror films. Hm, maybe hate is a strong word and there's definitely a catch to what I mean by horror. I really dislike gory films, I hate feeling on edge like I can't relax in a film because it's non stop scary. I don't like feeling tense all the time, unable to look at the scream so maybe yeah, I don't like horror films. I tend to sway more towards thrillers, or classic horror films which atleast aren't gory and more than likely contain a serial killer on the lose. The Horror films I like predictably are from the 80s or 90s, so lets dive into my Horror picks! The handful of Horror films I can say I actually love.


The Shining is a fantastic film that I recommend everyone watching at least once in there lives! Many other films/television programs reference The Shining all the time, the Simpsons even do an episode inspired by The Shining! Staring Jack Nicholson, the film is about a family who go to stay in a hotel because Nicholson is the hotels winter caretaker, the hotel is 25 miles away from town and because it is off season, it is dead. He plans to take the time to write, but spooky things start to happen, ghosts start to appear, victims of the hotel and it sends Nicholson's character mad. He goes after his family, the iconic 'here's Johnny' happening in the moments where he's hunting down his wife with an axe. I love this film because it's more psychological, it makes you think and there's so much to the plot line. 


Before you go 'Hey the Mummy isn't a horror film' it is indeed, which even was a shock to myself! I remember when this film first came out and my auntie let me watch it on DVD, I was terrified as a child, like I remember crying and everything. Staring a number of big faces, the lead lady Rachel Weisz scouts out Brendan Fraser to lead her deep into Egypt, where they find a tomb, and a Mummy who comes alive to bring his revenge upon Egypt! It's comedic, a completely fantasy/adventure as they try to stop the monster, but as a child Jesus, the Mummy was a scary character. This is a film that never gets old, being released in 1999, it's a film I grew up with and both my parents love to! Watching it today I do still question how it could be classed as a horror, but with a classic monster character as the Mummy, I love the modern twist they've put on him.


Watching Scream every Halloween is actually a tradition of mine, it never gets old and it's another horror classic I think everyone should watch! For me it's the original slasher, released in 1996, everything screams 90's America which I love in any type of film really. Scream focuses on a bunch of high school students being the target of a mysterious killer, known as ghostface. I love this film for more than just the plot line, it was claimed to have been unique for it's time because it was comedic, playing on the slasher scene which had become big with films like Halloween, but Scream contained characters which were aware of other slasher films, making it a cliché that they were then picked off by a killer. Again, big faces that are all known for their roles in many 90's films.


I have a huge love for classical films, the black and white cowboys to Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think it's all because of my Dad, he has a brilliant taste in films and pretty much every Sunday we'd have old films on in the kitchen whilst we made breakfast. One of my favourite 'oldie' films is a story we all know (well Gothic lovers will) is Frankenstein and his bride, the Bride of Frankenstein being a film I grew up with! From the 30's, if you've ever seen the old Dracula movies, even monster movies from the 80's, you'll love this film!

Dusk till Dawn is perhaps my favourite movie of all time, which is weird to say I am far from a fan of horror. Theres so much to this film, two brothers are on the run after one breaks out of jail, they both rob a bank and whilst on their run for the boarder to Mexico, they meet a family who they take as hostages. This can be classed as the normal part, the second 'half' of the film as you may call it contains Vampires, strippers, blood and a fight to the death! Directed by Rodriguez, Tarentino is also a co writer and actually stars in the film along side George Clooney as the wild on the run brothers! To say I hate gore, this film is filled with it, but I think I accept all of it in it's glory because it does contain vampires.


Last but not least is a newer release and it is the film Crimson Peak! What first attracted me to this film was the mystery in the trailer, the Gothic style to the characters and the actors/actresses involved are all faces I love! The film starts with a ghost in counter, a warning to beware of Crimson Peak! The film carries on 14 years later where two siblings come to town, selling the idea of their Clay mining invention to a wealthy business man, his daughter falling for Tom Hiddleston's character! They move back to his home which is where it all gets creepy and a little messed up if I'm honest. It all seems to escalate for our main lady Mia Wasikowska  as she runs for her life against this family she has married into, but it's a thriller I think you should definitely watch!

What do you think to these horror films? Recommend me some to watch this Halloween!

Thankyou guys, until next time,