16 Oct 2016

I feel as if I haven't taken part in a weekly summary post in so long, in fact I think it was early Spring time when I last published a Sunday Summary of my Week! I have a love hate relationship with them, a lot of the time I have nothing to report on or I'd rather give you guys better content (in my eyes anyway) like a Lookbook or review on something. It's hard to blog about yourself and your life when sometimes the two things can seem so apart, I spend days working or blogging in my spare time, and you'll see that in scheduled posts, so I'm not going to include that in my week summary. Sometimes I love doing posts like this, sometimes I don't, and luckily a lot is going on at the moment so I thought it would be a great time to let you into my life a little more!

I juggle a number of things in my life, a day job, an online business selling my own artwork, heartshapedbones, a youtube channel, and in all of these aspects this week has been incredible! Projects I have been working on all year are finally happening, I've been in contact with really cool brands who I'm excited to share through my blog, my day job is going excellent and it's all making me a really happy bunny! Don't get me wrong I have been exhausted all week and trying to do it all sometimes can become quite difficult, but it's all worth it when I have an end result I am frilled with. I was mulling over how to write this blog post, do I write all my thoughts down on the week which could result in paragraphs, or do I dive straight in with bullet points? I've gone for the latter so it's easier for you guys to see what I've gotten up to and why I'm so darn happy!

  • Jgdrawings - I've really enjoyed creating artwork this week and I've spent a lot of my spare time processing orders on my store because there's a lot of them! I find when I update my store with new prints and focus on it, I get a lot of orders, if I could do this all the time I think it would be one more step to making this my full time job! Two of my favourite new prints have to be my Wednesday Addams Flower Crown & Fortune Teller, I've combined pencil and pen to create this ladies who I am proud of myself for creating! They have to be my favourite prints on my store to date. I've also started creating hand stitched dolls of my favourite Halloween ladies such as Lydia Deetz, Lily Munster, I'm currently working on a Wednesday Addams and Frankenstein!

I've found myself in a really good place with managing my time, so I've opened up commission work on my store! I love creating artwork for people, I'm an illustrator at heart so having a brief is like a light at the end of the tunnel! Just an idea gives me inspiration to make artwork, so I'm offering both drawing and hand stitched doll commissions. My favourite doll commission so far has to be Buffy the vampire slayer, how I haven't already stitched her is beyond me!

  • Blogging - I'm excited about the brands I am currently working with and the items they are sending me should arrive this week to come! They're brands I have previously worked with, Propercorn and Stylewe! So I'm hoping they go down a treat like my past posts on their brand has, it makes blogging worthwhile when you get to be in contact with brands you love! If you haven't seen already I've started creating Halloween themed lookbooks, my first post published this Monday and there's many to come!
  • Mistakes - So I was incredibly stupid this week, I locked both my Boyfriend and I out of our flat and we had to stay in a hotel! I was so upset with myself and annoyed probably more than my boyfriend was at me, but we scraped some money together for a room in a travel lodge and it all worked out in the end. It's quite funny looking at it, atleast we got a comfy bed with television, but I had to go into work early for my keys looking like the walking dead.
  • Vlogtober - If you only follow my blog and have no idea about my youtube channel, check it out here! I've been taking part in vlogtober which is where you vlog everyday, and I upload those videos every Monday and Thursday! It's so much fun, but with working full time it's hard because 5 days of the week I can't film for 8 to 9 hours a day. I love to edit videos so it's going very well!
  • Best Saturday Ever - Joel and I never get a Saturday off, so because it was our rare day off together we decided to head out into town for a lovely Autumn walk! I love living in York, it's so nice for strolls but I forget how busy the centre is on a Saturday ugh. We did some window showing, got some cute Halloween bits which I'm so surprised about because Joel normally drags me away from the Halloween sections (HA!) and he also surprised me with a light box aah! I've wanted one for so long, so I'm a really happy bunny. I made dinner and we caught up on AHS. I've loved today.
  • Serial - I started the podcast Serial this week AND IT'S AMAZING. I smashed the first season in two days.

  • Plans for next week - I plan to write and film a number of cool ideas, a lot focusing on Halloween as it's my ultimate favourite time of the year. I'm going to film an Autumn Fashion lookbook and a Halloween themed lookbook, but I want it to be inspired by AHS Coven. I think it would have such a fun witchy theme, focusing a lot of clothing rather than getting funny dressed up with makeup, etc. I really wanted to do a number of makeup looks, but my equipment isn't as strong for tutorials I see on youtube! I'm also making my Halloween costume this year so I'm working on that next week whilst also making more dolls! I want it to be a productive week.
What have you gotten up to this week? Let me know in the comments! If you enjoy these weekly summaries I can happily involve them in my blog schedules!

Until next time guys,

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