The Bloggers Blog Awards! 2016

3 Oct 2016

Hello hello everyone! This weekend I attended an event that I had been excited for MONTHS about, and that's the Bloggers Blog Awards! If you haven't seen it being talked about pretty much of all 2016 the Blogger Blog Awards is an event created by a blogger, for bloggers, to nominate bloggers for their awesome blogs! I remember spamming my social media accounts, asking my followers to vote for my favourite bloggers, so to get to meet them in person was beyond awesome. Especially when there was a number of bloggers who I had voted for, up for an award! This definitely has to be the biggest blogging event that I've been to whilst running my blog Heartshapedbones, so I was too overly excited to wake up on Saturday morning knowing that I was getting read to head to Leeds for the big event! 

So the awards were held by the fabulous Hayley over at Tea Party Beauty who did beyond and above to create the awards, so much effort going into everything which shone so much through out the whole day. For two years now I've been talking to Sarah over at The Scarlet State and I FINALLY got to meet her, I could of cried I was that happy, not only is she such an awesome human being but her blog absolutely rocks. I met Sarah and her lovely sister at the station in Leeds and we headed to the event held at Canal Mills, such a good venue and massive for events of this size. We were welcomed with a booklet sharing all the details of the day, awards, bloggers nominated and the social media competitions that would be going on later, along with some cheeky alcohol. Straight away we got to mingling, where I met bloggers I've fan girl'd over, followed for years on twitter and also new faces who were so friendly! One of my favourite moments had to be when Amy from Salt&Chic won best fashion blogger, I had nominated her for best fashion blog and then voted for her when she got through to the short list, shes one of my favourite bloggers so I was ecstatic! My girl Sophie got the most recommended for food blogger when we were all nominating bloggers, she couldn't be there but I was so happy that she got a mention! 

I also got to meet Sarah from Seethestars who I had been fan girling over on twitter for weeks leading up to the event! Everyone I met was so so lovely, bloggers so open to introducing themselves and I'm happy to saw I follow so many now, my twitter feed is packed with blogs to read! Everyone looked so amazing, the support for everyone who won and for what we all do was incredible. Through out the night we had all bought raffle tickets and it was so fun to see who won what, Sarah winning twice which I got so excited about! I get a little giddy when i'm around other excited people, but it was so fun. For the social media prizes, through out the night we'd all been hash tagging our snaps, I'd done a couple of silly ones then of course the dressed up selfie and I actually managed to win one of the competitions! I won the prize for the not so selfie, the #myleoface, which was of course a completely joke on Leo D never winning an award. I did the famous raised drink pose from The Great Gatsby and if you follow me over on social media I howled about how funny I thought I was, so to win was a complete surprise as I rarely do but ahh! I won a gift bag worth over £200, so I was a happy little bunny. 

Overall I had the best time at the Blogger Blog Awards and I'm so happy I took the plunge to go to an event where I didn't know anyone, and come out with meeting a bunch of lovely bloggers who I hope to see again in the future! Thankyou to Hayley for setting up and hosting the best event, and congratulations to everyone who won an award! You deserve it so much, your blogs are fantastic. To the blogger who won the Vice palette, you lucky lucky devil you. 

Until next time guys,

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