12 Oct 2016

 So amongst the blogging community I've seen this tag going around and I thought it would be quite fun for you guys to get to know me a little bit more (mainly so I can see if I can actually come up with 26 things). I always find it so hard to think of facts about myself to tell people when asked, so I'm kind of challenging myself to just come up with information about myself on the spot as I haven't pre planned this post! The aim of it is to state something that relates to myself which begins with the first letter of each letter of the alphabet. So lets get to it!

A - Alice in Wonderland - I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and always have been, it was my most read book as a child and my Grandma used to compare my little blonde self to that of weird Alice constantly. I love Alice in Wonderland décor, I even have a stacked tea cup lamp as part of a AIW range.
B - Buffy - Another thing I'm obsessed with since I was a child, my parents always taped it for me on video along with Angel the small spin off! I love Buffy, I watched it on repeat during university a total of seven times in two years. Team SPUFF.
C - Crochetting - I love to crochet, I taught myself when I was a teenager because I liked the home made style of cute knitted things like scarfs, jumpers, hats, etc. I always start scarfs and never finish them, but now I'm not at university I might be able to complete something!
D - Deer - I want a deer tattoo so badly! I really want a Deer and Stag tattoo because it relates to my love of Harry Potter (Lilly and James) which are the names of my grandparents!  
E - Eggs Benedict - my ultimate favourite breakfast dish! We often go to a café in York called Mannion & Co who do the best Eggs Benedict, the bread and sauce is home made! 
F - Fleetwood Mac & Friends - This one was hard for me because I immediately thought of Fleetwood Mac who are my favourite band and Friends which is one of my favourite tv shows! I love friends, I can quote so many episodes and they never get old.
G - Garlic - I put garlic in EVERYTHING. We cook with it daily. G also reminds me of the name Grace, one of my best friends who I can share anything with and also the name of my favourite book character.
H - Halloween - My ultimate favourite time of the year. I love Halloween, I go full out and hopefully you're all enjoying my Halloween content on my blog and channel.
I - Illustration - I sell illustrated prints
J - Joel - My Boyfriend is called Joel and he is my everything. He's my bestfriend, my soul mate and I love everything about him. He's so supportive and helps me with anything I need too, he's one of the reasons I managed to publish my first set of t-shirts.
K - Kurt Cobain & Kooky - One of my favourite bands is Nirvana, so my obsession of Kurt Cobain stemmed from a very young age. I watch documentaries weekly about Kurt and I'm currently reading a novel on his death! He was such a creative soul, drawings and music. His acoustic sets yesss.

L - Landslide - It's really hard to round down to my favourite song by Fleetwood mac, but Landslide always gets me crying. One of my favourite films as a child was Jack Frost, the scene where Charlie has to build a snowman alone to  Fleetwood mac because his Dad has died, gets me in the feels each time.
M - Mean Girls - BEST FILM EVER. I seem to quote this film daily.
N - Nose - One feature I like about myself is my Nose. 
O - Ocean - I love the sound of the ocean, there is a song by the Foals called Spanish Sahara and the sounds of the ocean at the beginning are so soothing. They make me so calm.
P - Pink - I used to have pink hair and I want it back so badly!!
Q - Quick Witted - I would say I'm very quick witted, if some one is making a joke I can react instantly with a joke of my own. I love to laugh, so it's nice to be able to bounce jokes around, that's what I like most about a person!
R - Ratties - I have two little babies called Clive and Henry and I love them! I never thought I would like pet rats, but their so fun as pets!
S - Super Heros - I love super hero films, I used to read comics all the time when I was little and growing up with two brothers I love Marvel and Dc. I favour for Marvel more.
T - Tattoos - I love tattoos, everything about the culture and Art form! I wanted to be a tattooist when I was a teenager, now I want to make and sell my own art for a living! 
U - University - I went to university and really didn't like it. I loved being independent and the people I met, but I hated my course.
V - Vintage - I love the 1950's and wearing vintage styled pieces. From any era, it's all coming back into fashion.
W - Wednesday Addams - Ultimate woman goals.  
X - Xoxo Gossip Girl - Straight away X just reminded me of the call off for the show Gossip Girl, when texting something funny to one of my best friends I always end it XOXO Gossip Girl. You'll understand if you've seen the show.
Y - YO Sushi - Joel and I eat out at Yo Sushi Weekly. Probably three times a week. I'm not even sorry.
Z - Zines - I love reading zines and I want to make some myself! I'm itching to make zines, but I wouldn't know where to start with subject matter.

This tag was quite fun to come up with something for each letter, I had to get my boyfriend to sit with me and bounce back ideas! I hope you enjoyed this little post, just some content to let you guys get to know the little goth lady behind the blog!

Until next time,

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