Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks!

30 Nov 2016

November is definitely the month where I went out and spent all of my money on either Christmas décor ready to put them all up next month or beauty products, so as it’s not yet December you’re getting the latter! I love Nyx cosmetics, I constantly head to their counter in Boots whenever I’m in town to see if there is anything new and I always end up buying way more than I should. I just wanted to top myself up on their concealer and ended up purchasing these four Liquid Lingerie’s to finally see for myself what the big hype is all about!


28 Nov 2016

I've been needing to get this all off my chest for a while and I think the problem has stemmed from me being so caught up in my blog post schedule that I couldn't just add in a randomly written post. I thought I loved post scheduling but I don't. I thought scheduling an months worth of content would make everything easier but instead it's leaving me feeling un attached to my posts, like I write them and then throw them in the waste bin to never be seen again. I click schedule for a date in the month, they go live and I can't even remember writing it because I've left it to look after itself until it's publish date. Even though these words are pure ramble I feel as if they're flowing out of me more than any of my blog posts have done for a while and that makes me feel very, very sad. I love blogging but here on my blog heartshapedbones I've just felt a lack of connection to anything I've been doing. Ugh.

For a while now I've wanted my fashion content to contain something a little more than just fashion, last month I posed the idea that I would be talking about other things whilst at the same time sharing an outfit I've loved on myself! Today's outfit features again Stylewe, an online fashion platform which shares independent designers and exclusive products. What I love about this brand is the product quality, the clothing feels fantastic and wears really well in the sense you're confident there won't be any annoying tears from simply washing the thing. Yep I'm an adult now doing my own washing, I think of these things in advance when purchasing my clothing. The lovely team over at Stylewe got in contact so that I could bring my own personal style to their clothing, which seeing as I LOVE the designers they feature, I was more than excited to. 

Two Faced Cats Eye Palette | Beauty Review

27 Nov 2016

Looking back on my blog this month I feel as if I've spoken quite a lot about makeup or products, for some reason I've had a little extra cash so I have treated myself, but also I think I've been introduced to a lot of new brands which is why I have shared them here! I won't lie I do buy alot of makeup and skincare products, but a lot of the time it's my old faithfuls so I don't find any interest to review them! I mean, I definitely could as a 'my go tos' post, if the idea of finding that out appeals to anyone! I've experimented with my makeup for years and I feel as if I've finally found products which work well with my skin and make me look good. For me makeup is to make me feel good, don't get me wrong I go days without wearing any, but I love the feeling of experimenting with my eye shadows or wearing a dark lip to make myself feel like the true vampire goddess that I deserve to be.  SO, Too Faced isn't exactly a new brand to me, I've only tried the odd contouring bronzes of theirs but they're a brand I've been dying to dive into with my purse open for business. They have a number of palettes I've wanted to try, so when my secret Santa (I know it seems way to early for Christmas stuff) at work gifted me this cat eyes palette by too faced!!!! I fell in love.

November Monthly Favourites

25 Nov 2016

Hello hello! The time has come around again that I share my November favourites, a loved post that I really enjoy to write each month! If you also follow me over on youtube I publish a video each month sharing things I have LOVED that month, but I've found also doing it in a blog post form is incredibly enjoyable because I get to play around with a flat lay to share the products I've loved. It's all about the flat lays, as bloggers we cannot lie! I've had a little extra money this month (some how) so I have indulged in products I've wanted for ages and impulse buys which I will never regret.


21 Nov 2016

I am fully falling to my knees and expecting that winter is here, we may only be half way through November but I’ve waved my final goodbyes to any warmth until next year. I’ve put away my smaller bits of clothing and brought out my jumpers, which if I’m honest is a bare minimum so when Stylewe got in contact offering me the chance to bring my personal style to their pieces I opted straight for warmer clothing! Stylewe is no new brand to my blog, I recently shared a lovely vintage tea dress from them and I’m excited to share how I style their winter ranges.

What I've been snuggling up & watching

18 Nov 2016

I love to watch films all throughout the day, whether it’s when I’m typing up blog posts, drawing or simply snuggle up for the night, I constantly seem to have something on the telly! It’s more often now especially with it getting dark around 5pm, I’m constantly tucked up at home after work searching for something new to watch. I can’t say I’ve found many new films which have taken my fancy, but I’ve definitely dived into some new tv series!


16 Nov 2016

I always find myself majorly conflicted when the cold weather hits, I feel as if all of my lookbooks should be overly seasonable, big jumpers, scarfs, coats, hats, when in reality I only have one coat and you guys have seen it already in two outfit posts. I HATE having to layer up sometimes in Autumn/winter because it does ruin a look and especially when I'm photographing it to share with you my personal style, I don't want all my photos to look the same just because I'm having to add a coat or hat. You feel me? I did the same last year and just bit the bullet, holding my breath as I stood in the cold to snap my pictures because I will not let a coat ruin my look! I love winter fashion and layering, but sometimes you just want to share that new snazzy dress that has completely stolen your heart. I feel so much more confident in myself with my big hair change, so I thought I would add a patch of colour to my wardrobe whilst keeping the style completely my own!

I'll be honest, when Zoella first brought out her first range of Bath essentials I never jumped on the hype or even popped into super drug to see what the products even were! I didn't watch Zoella on Youtube until a year or two ago and now I find myself watching every vlog! The appeal I have to watching her vlogs is that she is someone who made a dream into a business, both Zoe & Alfie have made careers out of blogging, which I have to agree with is inspired! I'm not saying that I went out and bought these products souly because they were created by Zoella, but when I was shopping in Superdrug, they finally caught my eye! She constantly shares information in her videos and shows her own products, so when I came to the section in Superdrug, they were finally familiar because I had literally been watching her that morning show one of the candles which is apart of her home range! It made me wonder what the products were actually like, especially when coming from a blogger like myself I was curious of the quality. It still seems mental to me that blogging has become such a big thing, so to have someone who creates Youtube videos and blog posts like myself ALSO have a beauty and home ware range? I had to pick up some of the bath bits to try out.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Casual Fashion With Zaful

11 Nov 2016

I am so excited for this outfit of the day because it’s the first lookbook with my new hair transformation! It's such a huge change for me but I don't know why I haven't gone green before, it matches in so well with my personal style and now I can let out my hidden mermaid/alien self. This autumn it's barely been cold, right up until a week ago where it became ice cold over night and now I need every layer to stop myself from shivering. I find it incredibly hard to pull off a stylish outfit because I'm adding tights and a giant coat (lets not even talk about hats and scarfs) so I end up not feeling the outfit at all. I don't really like tights, after having my legs out for months it annoys to have to cover them if I want to wear a nice skirt in November. I'll probably get dressed up at least once in the week, the other hours of the day I'm at work, at home or just enjoying a day off in York, so when it comes to items of clothing I've been heading more for comfort


9 Nov 2016

Ok so at this point you might be thinking I'm feeding you a bunch of lies, one moment my hair is purple, the next black and now green?! Do I even have a standard hair colour? I can promise you the green is here to stay and of course I had to keep you all updated with another colourful hair post!


7 Nov 2016

So I managed to take a few snaps whilst I still had violet hair (I've actually re-dyed it green so keep your eyes out for that) which I actually did love! It just wasn't the colour I wanted it to be. Somehow I managed to two tone my hair, the top being violet and the bottom a warm tone pinky/purple, which even till I re bleached it today I loved! It's different, but it bothered me to my core that it wasn't all one colour, so I decided to ditch the purple and try something out of my comfort zone! HELLO MERMAID GOTH. Anyway, on to my outfit for today!

BeeGood Skincare Review! Skincare & Beauty

6 Nov 2016

I am quite surprised at myself that I haven't spoken about skincare more since we're moving closer to winter, but here I am FINALLY back with another skincare post and it's going to be a review! I've only recently been introduced to the brand BEEGOOD after winning this little travel trio set at the blogger blog awards, but for every day skincare I don't think I'll be looking back!

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Changing up an item of clothing

4 Nov 2016

I feel as if I’ve returned to normality with my outfits of the day now that October is finally over! I’m sad a little, I love the run up to Halloween and now we’re in the month where it’s just limbo till Christmas. I’m unsure when it’s even appropriate to start buying my decorations and décor this year…it’s weird having your own place to actually decorate for the season! Anyway, even though Halloween is over the cold weather is still here and at this time of the year I tend to put away my lighter clothing and layer on the dark!

My 10 Favourite Things To Do In Autumn

2 Nov 2016

Hello Hello! Are we all as sad as I am that Halloween is officially over for another year? It sucks! But at least now we're deep into Autumn where I have planned a number of Autumnal inspired posts! I'm excited, September just seemed too fresh to be slamming posts on coat fashion and snuggling up with hot drinks, so I'm happy the cold months are finally here! Todays post is one I've been piecing together as Autumn has been going on, nothing down what has become my Autumn ritual. It already feels like winter but I'm holding on to all that toasty orange falling leaves and the spiced latte hype (which is funny because I don't drink coffee) because the moment December hits it's all going to be about Christmas! Lets keep Autumn alive, here is my 10 favourite things to do this time of year!